Beste Bilder 2020

Construction work

This year, Marcus learned to weld and is now busy replacing all the rotten steel girders. This is urgently needed because there was in some cases the danger that the roofs would collapse. This is of course dangerous for EVERYONE.
Once again we had a "small" storm that had knocked a huge tree down halfway. Fortunately, he didn't fall on a dog shelter but on a fence. However, it was totally flat and could not be saved. Marcus welded a really nice new one.
Markus and Marcus get along great. They have often worked together.

In the middle of Em: He helped diligently and dragged trunks that no one else could handle alone.
Some of my helpers can weld quite well if they want, but unfortunately they always neglect the conscientious painting. Marcus is now busy painting as many bars as possible with special paint against rust all over the shelter. Unfortunately, the paint is very expensive.
We fought with mountains of branches and leaves. It took a long time until everything was burned. We made benches out of the thick trunk. They have become very beautiful and stable.
In the rainy season it often storms really hard on Samui and in the animal shelter, large branches break off from the huge trees again and again. Unfortunately, we cannot take any precautions to prevent this. You never know which tree is so rotten that it will fall over in the next storm or that huge branches will break off.
We can only hope that the damage to the dog shelters and the fences and walls is not too great and, above all, that no dogs or cats are harmed.