Beste Bilder 2020

Temple Project

Dragging Linda with the feed bags
Linda is now solely responsible for looking after the streets and temple dogs.
Jay in exile in Switzerland with her sister-in-law's donation bottle. Many THANKS to Moo!
JAY and TOM: memories of better times
work on the temples and in the villages.
LINDA on feed round
Linda now has to take care of all the feeding places and the dogs at the temples alone. I offered her that one of our helpers could help her with delivering dry food to the temples. She will let me know if it becomes necessary. At the moment she can still do it alone.
The dogs are always very happy when they see the Dog Rescue Car and recognize it immediately. If possible, board the car.
At some temples there are particularly animal-loving monks,
who take care of the dogs.
Dogs and cats live together peacefully here.
Since Jay left for Switzerland in March, Linda looks after all the temples alone. Every month she brings over 1000 kg of dry food, lots of rice and canned food for the dogs and cats to the temples. The monks then take care of feeding the animals. They also report injured and sick animals to Linda. Over the years the cooperation has got better and better. Of course it is not easy for Linda to look after the whole island by herself and then also to take care of accidents and sick animals. I can only help her by sending her a helper to pick up a sick animal. She also takes care of all puppies that are reported to us.
Of course she also has to take care of some feeding places on the island.