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Do you like those great sculpture?

Here you can find more of them:


Tom from our Temple-Team is happy to tell you more....



For many years, Jay, Linda and Tom have been working at about 20 temples all around Samui; they are taking care of the medical treatment, they deliver dog and cat food and make sure that the population stays under contoll. All the dogs and cats are being vaccinated and eventually sterilized. The Team also works in many villages and secluded places with packs of abandoned or wild dogs where they have put up food stations and they give their best to take care of an uncountable number of stray dogs outside the shelter.






Jay with one of her favourites


Tom caught the dog and is going to vaccinate her



Foooood time - yummie yummie.... 

Here you can find the newest Temple-Newsletter from our Team with lots of pictures and infos about their work

TempleProject >>




Don, our helper almost exclusively on tour in Lamai, has been given a wonderful motorbike with a sidecar by Silvana and her friends in Switzerland. This wonderful vehicle is a perfect object for publicity activities!

Don wasn’t really excited that he should take the vehicle to Chaweng and place it in a favorable spot on the beach road there in the morning; in the evenings, the spot is crammed full with motorbikes and it is impossible to find a useful spot for us!

We were placed in the absolute center at the entrance to mango Road. We “tackled” - highly motivated- the passers-by. Nico was lucky and allowed to participate as there was no school for him the next day.

Hard times lead to hard measures!

On our way to  rise awareness of what we do and to get some extra donations coming in.

DCRS - team! A few of our workers and foreign volunteers.

Tourists stop by to tell us what a wonderfull work 
we are doing for the strays!

               Estelle and Mausi, Nico and Foxy                  



Daniela with Mausi & Foxi

Steph and Mausi try to collect some donations!

Mostly they just cuddle!

DCRS - Team

Nico with Brigitte

After a successful night we are now on the way home.

It's incredible how many people fit on a motorbikes' sidecar.
It was the seven of us and we defenately would have had space for one more




After the raising campaign at the Green-Mango-Road was pretty successful,
we did the same thing again at the Walking-Street in Fishermans Village



Pascale from France was especially activ and didn't let even one French person pass by without at least a small donation.

Bu and Em


Also our helpers helped out with that night - 
and even Dr. Sith was on board.



Mausi was happy to play the model

Foxy was especially popular



Edgar is performing at almost every Walkingstreet 
and got himself straight away in position



is about 7500m2. The main building consists of the vet clinic with operation room and 2 cat rooms.
The house also has a outside kitchen and a toilet.

The main building

There is also a cat house, a puppy house and 50 Single boxes

This is the waiting area outside the operation room.
Our dogs love to chill on the benches

And they are polite enough to make some space when people come by with their patients





Dr. Sith and his two helpers Lek and Kio


On November 8, we had a small ceremony; the reason was Dr Sith has been working for us for ten years now!

We couldn't imagine any better doctor for all our dogs and cats!  It is certainly not always that easy for him to fulfil all the tasks. Whoever stayed with us for some time, witnessed how many "patients" arrive here every day!

Besides, I can't fancy that Werner and myself would be strong enough to look for a another doc again. We had a couple of vets before Dr Sith came- and I am horrified when thinking of the experience we had made with them.


Need a regular check up from the vet Dr. Sith




I want to be in the picture too!

Sybille has returned for the 2nd time to stay with us for 6 months and is for us and Dr. Sith a very important help.

Malvina, a veterinary doctor from Poland stayed two months with us- she was such an extraordinary help! Thank you very much indeed, Malvina!

We always have a lot of vet sudents during the sommer months. Most of them come to do an internship with us

Dr. Bert from the Netherlande has come to stay with us several times now and Dr. Sith really likes working with him.

Dr. Bert is a very experianced veterinary.



Lek, Ivette, Dr. Sith, Kio and Bau


We very often have patients with huge wounds full of maggots. That means hours of work for our helpers

Vet volunteers cutting nails....


"Difficult" dogs are being treated by our helpers





Brigitte in the puppy house









Hallo? Is anybody there? I can not see anything!




Our helpers and two vet students

We always really appreciate food donations

Stefan und Jay

Donation from a lovely thai lady!








Every month we have to buy over
5000 kg dog dry food.

On top of that a huge amount of tin food and cat dry food



 Thank you so much Kieron!  

 Thank you so much Kieron!  

Kieron Gerbig is a regular visitor to the DCRS and in April he collected 2000 € from his fans and friends via his Facebook site . In October he paid us another visit   and had asked again  to support us : it was another smash hit – within no time he got 2200 € for us.

Have a look at his Facebook site: I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. He is a super singer and musician.




A small Thai family: Mother, Father, 3 children and a dog.

They brought their puppy for vaccination.