Best pictures 2015 - 4

Impressions from our shelter in Ban Taling Nam

What kind of yummi treats do we have here?

looks like it's all gone already..

Nico, one of our youngest helper




Volunteers are wanting to see what cat
food tasts like.



Martina in the cat house

Brigitte in the puppy house



Sybille and Markus


We always welcome volunteers






Jacqueline and Wilma. She used to help as a volunteer
and when her time in Samui was up,
she took Wilma with her. Happy Wilma!










Ma  is getting a big Welcome in the puppy house






Come on, let's do a little race!


The dogs in compound 1 are lucky, 
they havet heir own swimming pool



Ivette and Stefan
 Both of them are at the shelter almost every day
and are taking care of visitors and volunteers





Every day we cook 10 chickens with rice 
for our dogs

It's time to eat - We love the rice and chicken, 
dry food doesn't taste that good


The rice and chicken is always gone in with no time.
You gotta be fast!

Can I also have some fresh cooked food!

Estelle and Ivette

















Our new Helper John






Time to get clean! 

A bit toooo hoooot outside -
lets chill down with a bath

These are all the baskets with the medication cards of
the dogs which get daily medication

I am healthy and don't need any medication!







Great mama takes good care of her pups 

Cats are better than dogs, end of story.



We also want some!





In the DCRS we place pictures
of all the dogs in the kennels on a wall;
updating that wall is a continuous job because
of new arrivals or moving of dogs to or from other kennels.