Best pictures 2015

Here you can find a little collection of all the pictures taken 2015. I hope you enjoy them.

 I also hope that these pictures give you a good and close impression of our foundation.


Our small shelter in Chaweng

Visitors are always very welcome!


Dauchen is sunbathing

On the 1.April 2015 we celebrated our 16th Anniversary. A big Thank You to everyone who supported us and therefore has helped to turn Koh Samui into an animal friendly island!

Thank you very much again to all the sponsors and helpers from all over the world. Because of your help, since 16 years every dog and cat can be helped for free on Koh Samui. Stray animals which have not found a place to survive on their own on Koh Samui can be brought into the shelter.

Because of your donations, we can still neuter at least six animals every day. In the last 16 years, over 20,000 dogs and cats have been neutered and countless vaccinations and treatments have been carried out. We offer free medical treatment for ALL stray cats and dogs, with a pick-up service even beyond our opening hours (as long as we have a helper available at this time). For dogs and cats with an owner, we must ask for coverage of the medicine costs. Medicine in Thailand is rather inexpensive and those who have no money will still get medicine for free.


The house Chaweng



Our animals love when visitors come by!

Thank you for your generous donation Gunlög and Leif

Charly and Eva



And treats... Yummie!


Mä with donations!


And more visitors.... Wow we are spoiled with love and cuddles!

A big thank you to Karin and Doris.

Petra and Dirk are big PUG-FANS - We all love pugs!


John Wong from Hong Kong





Tom from Australia

Martina is here once again!


Totally vegetarian! But they still taste delicious.



Viktor from Russia traveled in Samui
for one day and collected old towels,
food and 1200 Bath
in the Russian community for us!

I wonder what's in the bag!

thank you Nicole and Martin! 


Philip and Felicity have bought a lot of puppy food for us, A huge THANK YOU to you both!


Felicity with her sponsor dog Foxy

Foxy had only hair on his head when he first came to us.


And after 2 months....he looks like this now.

Dogbed? who said it was a dogbed? 

Thank you so much for the lovely beds!
Our cats and dogs love to rest in them.




The joy was overwhelming


Super comfortable those new pillows



The size doesnt matter!

I'm on a bread-diat

This is Samuis' favourite position. She will soon fly to Claar in the Netherlands.


It's time again to cut Bonzos nails, of course he hated it and was fighting back big time


Bonzo bites!

Charlie is -beside his handicap- super happy

Eva loves her heart!


Eva and Charlie full of joy for life at the house in Chaweng

Charlie & Eva


Porky is a very old dog and has been with us for many years

Meanwhile Tinkerbell can walk again perfectly 

Branco is our 'smallest dog', he is 11 years old.

Relaxing time on the bed.


I wait!

It was actually ment to be our dinner....


Met preparing the fresh cooked dinner for our cats!



Since they didn't let me have the real big fish
I had to join the normal fishparty


Every evening around 11 o’clock the cats in the house get delicious fish. They absolutely love it and cant wait for the fish-party to start. They usually all turn up an hour early and patiently wait in the living room or on the terrace.

Some of the animals in the house get medication in the morning and evening. We also give a little bit of sausage to the others, this way everyone is happy and the handing out of the medication is no problem


Mojo is doing the morning gymnastic

Lazy Days!


Mausi and Bobbie



Bonzo and Branco

The dogs always feel so much better after a hair cut


Sven from Berlin was a great help here at the house
as well as at the shelter.
He is planing to come back next year
and help as a volunteer for a longer time

Wuschel is getting a hair cut!



Finally I can breath again




It's always a little cooler in the bath room and the cats love to get comfortable there

All the good places are already taken again....







Come on, jump in too, we want to play!


Sleeping time!

They didn't want me to play


Hans-Peter?, When are you going to bring me home?

I will follow you everywhere! 

Strubbelchen mit Hans-Peter

Hans-Peter, of course, was present at Dr Sith’s 10-year jubilee celebration. He has been living for quite a time already in Kannom on the continent, which is rather close to the ferryslot. He is an IT expert and has taken care of our computer- mostly by telemaintenance- for over two years now. Presently we have a second computer linked to the one in our bedroom.

The new working place is in a small room which had rarely been used ; up to now the computer has been  in our bedroom, so the new room is an ideal solution, as Werner and I tend to have a little afternoon nap : having some privacy at least isn’t that bad, is it?



We mark all the medication with DRCS


Maxime used to live at the Imperial Boatshouse for many years and been with us for treatment several times.

Everyone who has spent their holidays at the Boathouse probably knows her...



Dam is offering Maxime all kind of different dog food and is making sure that she can eat in peace.


She spent her last days with us and after she got really sick and stopped eating, we let her peacefully fall asleep




Gina-Lisa and Bobbie

Daily fur-treatment is very important

Come on - don't be like that...

I'm not gonna bite you!



And now a quick 'eye-cleaning'


And of course the ears are also important, stay still!

Now we finished! Let's go sleeping. The others have already taken the best places... 


Good night!