Best pictures 2015 - 2

View into the garden in Chaweng - a total paradise for the cats

There is a fence on top of the wall but we also let the cats go into our 2nd house right next door and there is also a fence on top of that wall. We have been renting this house for 4 years now.


The house-gang

At the moment (December 2015) we have 18 dogs living with us inside the house




At the moment we have 18 to 20 dogs inside the house.

We have a big shelter box where we sometimes lock away half the dogs at night.

That still leaves Branco, Bibi, Bonzo, Gina-Lisa, Bobbie, Mä, Pirot, Welpie and Mausi inside the house. Half of those ones sleep on the bed.


All those cats you can find inside our house – unless they are just hiding somewhere in the garden or went over to the house next door. All of the older cats have been neutered and are free to go and walk around on the property next door. Meanwhile we have quite a lot of cats there and some of them only come ‘home’ for dinner or when it’s raining.




You can find all those beautiful cats inside our house in Chaweng















The house next door in Chaweng



Pomelo and Maus

Pomelo and Maus live together in the house next door.

Pomelo is a very difficult patient, he bites!



Pomelo gets a special coconut-oil-massage once/week. It’s supposed to help against ticks and due to the fact that Pomelo has hardly any fur left – it seems to work.

It didn’t work that well with other dogs though. When they afterwards go and roll around in the sand and the fur gets really sticky, it’s really not that great.


We had to brutally cut the bougainvillea trees  again after they grow over 4 meters wide

When the weather is nice we use this space to dry our laundry

This is 'Thaistyle' mowing. I guess the chair was in the way...



Come on guys, let's go and annoy Pomelo!

Hey, Pomelo - the gang from next door has turned up again!

We have surrounded him!

The whole gang uses every opportunitly to run next door and sometimes Pomelo decides to confront the intruders.


It might look more dangerous than it is.
Never anybody got hurt while 'playing'

Attack! Unfortunately Gina-Lisa has no fear,
even from big dogs


Charly can walk perfectly well on solid ground. Inside the house it's too slippery and he can only 'walk' with the wheelchair.

The hedge was already about 4 meters wide and if we keep letting it grow, we won't have any space left to hang up the laundry.

Now all that's left are bare branches. Let's see how long it takes until everything is nicely green again...


This is the Worm-Family: mother, father flatmate and the child.

Those beasts can defoliate whole trees in with no time.

They don't like bougainvillea leaves - but almost everything else.



Four car loads full of branches.

We can easily do any kind of welding work here
and/or the building of dog benches.

Here Monti is welding together the roof
for Lingling's monkey cage

Here you can find more pictures of LingLing and the bealding of the cage

MonkeyBusiness >>


The property next door has never really been cat-prove. There is a bougainvillea hedge on the one side with a big free piece of land behind it.

On the other side you can find the lurking dogs living right outside our property as well as all the neighbours’ dogs.

Since we have more and more cats next door, I’m very thankful for that fence.



A house for our cats in Chaweng

We got this super cool dog-box as a present. A great dane was transported to Samui in it.

We have now made a pretty fance cat house with it.


I'm sure the house will be finished soon...



Luna with her two newborned puppies.

Mocha and Tia.

The same day we got four newborned puppies.

Their mother died when she gave birth. Luna adopted them immediately and took care of them as it was her own.

The best mother in the world!






It's probably obvious how this little girl got her name RATTY?

Latté got adopted on the island!



Nana, Latté and Ristretta.



Ristretta and Latté

Cappucino got adopted on the island!


The four miracles!

Mocha will get a new home with one of our helpers at DCRS!

The cat room in the house next door

We have set up a cat-station in the 'living room' next door. The kitchen is being used as a storeroom and the sleeping room is our volunteers room.

We always put two or four cages together in order to provide enough space for the cats



Pomelo and Maus live here










I hope that the owner of the land agrees with our building work. I think thtat he will not even notice the difference and won't mind. Khun Ying from the Montien House loves dogs and so I' m sure it will be no problem.

Especially during the rainy season there is defenately not enough shelter for all the dogs that meanwhile live outside our gates.

That's why we decided to build a few more rain proof sleeping places


xThe dogs thought it was super funny to lie between
all the construction materials




And Bobo even rolled around in the cement

So our buffalo had to be showered...

that cement had to be removed first....

the shampoo followed



...and another shower


Now the benches are being built


Em and Bu did a great job


And now the dogs just have to move in


there they come already....