Best pictures 2015 - 6

Weekend-Trip to the Chaweng beach

Let's go now, we are ready!



 Whenever the weather is good on the weekend we take a trip down to the beach. Unfortunately I can only take two of my little favourite ones.

Gina-Lisa and Bobbie fit perfectly into the basket.
Whenever I bring out the basket they get totally excited
and can't wait to jump into it


Ready for a little swimming contest?


Estelle with our swimmer-dog Blacky






I'm definitely not going to let the towel go!


Thanks to your support here on the island or from far away,
it was once again time to celebrate. This year we had our 16th anniversary.

 Originally no celebration should be held, as we didn’t have any money left for unnecessary “things”.

But both Gabi and Uwe from Oldenburg thought, that our helpers were not to be blamed for the bad exchange rate of Euro to Baht and financed the party for us! A big and warmhearted thank you to both of them!

Wally from Germany sent money for coffee and cakes- so a second big thank you for her!

The helpers were so excited when they heard that a small party would be held in our house in Chaweng.

Since we have rented the house next door to us it's become a lot easier for us to have the Party here in Chaweng. We just have to move a little closer together but at least we don't have to move all the stuff back and forward.

Indeed it should be a party for the helpers, but at the moment we have a large number of volunteers here- and they were not to be excluded!

Furthermore we invited all the April 1st visitors of our small center in Chaweng to have fun with us.

Usually the helpers are given a present, e.g. a fan or an electric kettle- but this year, of course, no gifts. But everybody had lots of fun, even without gifts, and the party was as every year,  an enormous success.




Dany and Brigitte


Düng is a very good singer and has
entertained us all night long



Daniela and Sybille

Pomelo and Lek-

'Pom' felt a little bit disturbed when we celebrated the party in 'his' house....

Pomelo and Maus live in the house next door and every so often the visitors go see them. Pomelo doesn't like them all though.

When we first rented the house, I promised to keep the number of dogs living there to a minimum.

As soon as there are more than 2 dogs, they start to chase the cats around.



Of course course also this year we played our favourite game...


It took forever until we had enough chairs together
and everyone arrived...

.....and then we finally started

The last 5 'standing' and hurrahh, I'm still in as well!

Only 4 left...and I was the next one out...

In the end the fight got harder and harder,
we even had to get a referee

Dam, Egg and Düng made it into the last round


The men pushed through
and dominated the very last round

It was a hard fight and one thing's for sure: The chair lost!

I'm not exacly sure anymore who really won in the end. Looking at how confident Egg looks, I can only assume that it was him.

Player or viewer, everyone had a lot of fun!

In the end we all danced a little ......
until the party came to an end...



Pomelo, who lives in the house, has deliberately
withdrawn from the party




Daniela and Marcus educated the children
about our work


The dogs were definitely the stars!