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Of course after over 10 years all the steel poles and the roofs of the single boxes should be renewed but we simply don't have to money for it. That is why we replace them step by step - wherever something is broken. 

The helpers are usually in a good mood while working...

Every so often the water pipe gets blocked and we have to dig it up


Some new benches for the dogs have to be built again



There are a lot of snakes in Koh Samui...thankfully we often don't even know they are around

The small snake lives now at our dog house in Chaweng.
The dogs of course were very interested
and i just hope that the snake will not think
 about jumping into a pack of dogs.

At our shelter in Baan Taling Nam we had a slightly bigger example showing up. A huge Python got into our back boxes of the puppy house.

Phil from the Snake rescue came straight away and caught her without any problems.


Again a giant python paid a visit to our puppy house in Baan Talin Nam and swallowed two cats there.

We found it curled up homely in one of the quarantine boxes. Linda discovered it. Phil, the island snake catcher, told us that a snake of this size easily kills a human.

Well, Linda was lucky that the snake had already eaten and was not really mobile any more.

Unfortunately Phil has had to stay several times with us to professionally catch pythons, cobras or other snakes; they were taken to a snake farm nearby- and, of course, the snakes aren’t killed. Some of them he drives up to the jungle land and lets them free there, far away from humans.



The monster has to go!




We put up a dog-box in the puppy house which we got as a present.
The dogs never used it and it was just standing in the way.

So we decided to move it into the garden of our rented house on the bottom of the driveway to our big shelter



Ivette used to live in the this house outside the shelter but she felt a little lonely and she was scared someone would come by at night.

At the beginning of November, Sybille has moved in and seems to feel pretty comfortable and is not scared at all. We are planning to turn it into a little 'elderly place' and together with our Dr. Sith, she has already picked out some older dogs who moved in with her. The rent is only 5000 Baht/month.



So idyllic is our neighberhood

The pet from our neighbour even has it's own pool



I don't think the car needs any help...


 Many animal friends fall in love with a dog while being on holiday here.
We are happy to help with the dog transport into a new home abroud.




Jaqueline and Wilma. She used to help as a volunteer and at the end of her holiday, she took Wilma home with her. Happy Wilma.



Martin with his big family!




Petra and Dirk



Please, dont leave me here! Bring me home with you!



Gloria, one of our volunteers decided to bring Samui
 with her home to Canada!



Our warm-hearted THANK YOU to Alexandra and Philipp who decided they wanted no wedding gifts, but instead collected 5000 € for us among their wedding guests.

Our best wishes to them both! They were happy to hear that their collected money is being used for a new Dog Rescue Car.

We were very lucky as Marcus found a real good deal on the island: a small SUZUKI lorry for only 160 000 Baht, about 4500 Euro. Though it had to be canopied we only had to pay for the material as we can do almost everything ourselves. Our helper Monti made quite a good job. In my opinion it’s most important it’s waterproof! We will have to have plastic curtains fixed for the “windows”. Another such good deal would be perfect!

The donation from Alexandra and Philipp was a great help and came at the exact right time. Now we only need one more vehicle in order to get our daily transportation problem under control.


Alexandra & Philipp




SILVANA from Switzerland has donated us this cool motorbike with side car

Don will mostly move around Lamai in this pretty vehicle

it is a donation from Silvana from Switzerland, she had therefore raised funds with all her friends and acquaintances in Switzerland

We thank her and all her friends. Don is so proud of HIS new side-car model!


Don giving it the very first try

Em, Düng and Don


The old side car from Don is now at our house and we use it mainly for short trips - and for that it's perfect.



Alexandra and Philipp collected 5000€ for us at their wedding. Of that money we bought a second-hand pick-up (I had informed you in April!) But, alas, as three of our vehicles were fit only for a knacker's yard as repairing would have been too costly or they had just gone belly up and could not be fixed again, there were still two vehicles "missing" for the completion of all the tasks  and needs. The „Stichting Buitenlandse Asielen“ donated  10 000 € for a new car. Furthermore we received a donation of 5000 € from Carla in Cologne.

We didn't want a second-hand car again by all means, as a brand new car will certainly not need to go to the repair shop for a couple of years. I feel sick when receiving the next bill from the car repair shop. But the cars were all

run down so that necessarily one part after the other went down the tube. A new bus costs about 40.000 € - and this is, of course, a totally exorbitant price, whereas used cars are mostly too old or very expensive.

Consequently, we bought a Toyota pick-up for 18.000 €. Jay, Linda and Tom of the temple team will certainly take pleasure in doing their rounds in that most beautiful NEW car! However, their excitement will be restrained as they must render their bus- the only one still "alive"! But in my opinion, the three of them will treat their treasure much better than Thais would do; besides, a bus is more appropriate for transporting helpers and volunteers. We removed the back seats in order to have more room for medicine and food, whereas 2 dog crates and some big sacks with dry food travel on the cargo bed behind.

We are very thankful about the possibility to purchase that car, as the monthly donations of the last years were just sufficient to scrape through.

The stickers will come soon...and then the new car can hit the road



Daniela, Jana, Nicole and Murat from Munich had the idea to go through all their old (and unwanted) stuff in the house and the basement They then went with it all to the fleamarket and handed us over a proud amount of 255 Euro.





Between Chaweng and Lamai on top of Lamai Hill, coming from Chaweng, just 20 Meters before the ‘Sky Gym’.

there is a beautiful viewpoint but sadly, that is where a poor monkey lived his life under seriously disgraceful conditions.

A while ago we called him Lingling, Ling means monkey in Thai. 

Almost the whole cage that he lives in has to be renewed.

When it rains, the ground floor area of his cage gets totally covered in mud. The clean up of the cage is quite a challenge and the Thais around there show no interest to help.

Understandably Lingling is very unhappy in this cage and due to the stress of his poor living conditions he has become aggressive, on occasion he even bites.

Having been approached, thankfully the owner of Lingling was very agreeable with our plans for a new cage and has happily agreed to the necessary construction plans.




Here you can find more pictures from Ling Ling

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