Best pictures 2019 - 6


  A small storm and again a dog hut is destroyed. In the meantime, almost all dog accommodations were covered with plastic sheets. They often only get bumps and are almost always reusable. Before we used Eternit plates, which ware always broken into 1000 pieces. Some huts still have the old roof structure made of bamboo poles. These are always getting renewed when the storm makes a roof fly away again. We thought that bamboo poles are a good solution for the roof construction. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a mistake because we simply cannot win the aggressive attacks of termites.The do not like steel beams, but we have to fight against the rust in this case.


We don't just have to fight with branches and leaves. The last Eternit roof tiles, which have not yet been replaced by the new plastic roof tiles, also cause a lot of work when they get destroyed by falling branches.

Making a fire seems to bring great joy to Thais. Everyone is always enthusiastic about it. The trees and bushes grow incredibly fast and once we cut everything at the shelter, we can start all over again….  

This is a dog hut in front of the animal shelter. We often get visits from dogs that have discovered the feeding station. 




Markus comes to us again and again during the winter months. He repairs everything throughout the shelter, has plastered a lot of walls and you can see his well done work everywhere. He has built very great dog sofas andplastered them colorful. They will never have to be painted again and will hopefully last a long time. Now he lets Tom teach him how to weld. Tom belongs to the temple team and he can weld perfectly. However, Tom does not have time to help with the welding at the shelter because he is needed at the temples and on the streets.

 Markus and Tom, you are both great volunteers.

The fight against ticks continues. If a particularly large amount of ticks have attacked the dogs again, we spray all enclosures with Baiticol  Ticwash.That definitely helps a bit. We cannot afford SIMPARICA for all shelter dogs. Once a month, all of our dogs are treated with Frontline. They also get Ivomec for deworming and ticks.

Wash clothes in Thai style


Injured animals and emergencies


Arya - a complicated case. A car hit her, her left front leg was smashed, and her hip was broken on the left. Of course it was not an option to amputate both legs ... After a long therapy the hip has healed and the young lady is standing up today. A beauty on three legs!


  Bertie - came to DCRS with a typical wound infection. Daily wound cleaning and antibiotics healed it within a week. Dogs are incredible!


Sansa - had an accident a long time ago and was still having neurological problems using her hind legs properly, acupuncture, physical therapy and fancy shoes with more grip helped :) And best of all, a friend from the island adopted her


On Koh Samui, with YOUR help, every dog ​​and cat has had the opportunity to receive medical treatment for free for over 20 years. For stray animals that cannot survive on Koh Samui alone, there is the possibility of being taken in at the shelter. With your help, at least 6 animals can still be neutered every day. Thanks to your donations in the past few months, we have not yet had to make any cuts to our spaying and neutering program. Within the past 20 years, over 25,000 dogs and cats have been neutered and innumerable vaccinations and treatments have been carried out. We offer free medical treatments for ALL stray dogs and cats. Dogs and cats that have a Thai owner receive all treatments free of charge. Medicines are very cheap in Thailand and we expect foreigners to make a small contribution to the treatment of their dog or cat. If you come for treatment with a stray dog, the treatment is of course free of charge. In the past few months, due to the financial state of emergency, we have had to ask Thais for a contribution to medical treatment, which means, they should pay for the medication, if possible. Everyone paid for medicine according to their options.It also helped to bridge our financial situation. However, I'm afraid that if we no longer receive regular donations, we will again face a major problem at the end of January and I will have to think about possible savings measures again. I fired a helper and one of them no longer came to work on his own. I can't lay off more helpers. Repairs are now almost impossible. Only when all the helpers are at work, there is something going on.


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 If you order from or, we get between 3.5 and 8.5% of your purchase amount transferred to our account. I would be happy if you would do your shopping with us. Please click on the logo on the German homepage of the homepage

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We get about 200 euros credited through your purchases every month.

We also registered with GOODING

Similar to Amazon, GOODING has a lot of shops on offer. Just have a look. We have also been registered with BILDUNGSSPENDER for a long time. 

 All four give us a percentage if you order something there. Which provider is the cheapest for you, you might have a look. There are certainly a lot of similar facilities out there, but I don't think there is need for more. They all have the same shops on offer.

Of course, new dogs and cats are taken to the shelter because they have not found a place to survive alone during the last months.Your sponsorship can ensure that their bowls are always well filled.


Please take a look at the dogs and cats on our homepage.


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     Please help us with your donationto continue to provide food and medicine for the dogs and cats.

Sponsoring a dog or cat costs 25 euros a month.

 The ongoing costs for the DRCS are around 17.000 euros per month.If you are on Koh Samui, come and have a look at the documents. You are very welcome.The dogs and cats are always happy to receive visitors and pats!

Many greetings


and the DRCS team