Best pictures 2019 - 4

Dr. Sith in Baan Taling Ngam

As every year, many veterinary students were with us during the summer months. We already have registrations for next year! Of course we cannot accept all of the requests because Dr. Sith must monitor each of their activity closely.



   Every Tuesday and Friday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Dr. Sith is at my house in Chaweng to carry out consultations.As you can see, the opportunity to get free treatment for dogs and cats is used by a lot of Thais. We always ask for donations, of course, but those who have no money cannot donate. Of course, all animals are treated and get medicine.

  Since cats without a box were brought to treatment again and again, we had to put this sign outside. It says that cats are not getting treated without a box. We have about 20 wild dogs in front of the house!


  Wit, our manager, helps Dr. Sith with the treatments. Often it's just about vaccinations ... Dr. Sith wuld not be able to treat the many Thais seeking for help for their animals in only one hour.His two helpers also diligently give vaccinations or prepare the doctors prescribed medicine for the patients.




  The consultation hour is almost exclusively visited by Thais with their dogs and cats. The foreigners residing on the island prefer to call and expect us to pick up their dogs and cats for treatment or would like me to send a helper to their home to vaccinate them. Hardly a day goes by, for me not to be annoyed by the outrageous demands of some foreigners living here. They want everything immediately and of course free of charge. If I don't immediately fulfill their wishes, they will write poorly about us in Facebook. If it wasn't for the animals, I would reject any treatment of dogs and cats from foreigners based here.

Back to the family

  ROBBIE is back home with his family. His real name is OAN and he is already 15 years old. He was brought to us because he was helplessly walking the street.

He is blind. We called him Robbie. He immediately felt comfortable with us. His family, who lives in Lamai, had looked for him everywhere. 

In the end, they decided to take a picture of their darling to the large shelter in Baan Taling Ngam and ask if they had seen their dog.

Lek, a member of our staff, told them Robby (Oan) is in my house in Chaweng. 

The reunion was great and Oan cried out of joy. They have had Oan since he was a puppy and you could see that they love their dog. 

We are happy with Oan and his family and wish them many happy years together.



  This is Struppie from the Fairhouse Beach Resort on Chaweng Noi Beach. She always needs a new haircut. The last one was not that long ago, so she still looked quite passable. Of course, she ran away seeing us again and the first attempt to catch failed. Unfortunately, the animal friends never believe me when I tell them that Struppie will immediately leave when she sees one of our helpers. Often she will not be seen for a while then. Once we have her, she patiently takes the new haircut...