Best pictures 2019 - 3

CAT HOUSE in Baan Taling Ngam


The renovation works at the cat house and garden at the shelter has finally been completed.



 JOELLE has been helping at the cat house for 2 months now. She loves cats above all, but she first needed to get used to the fact, that we cannot help all animals if they are too sick or heavy injured.Of course, this is not easy for her. I know how hard it is not to save every animal. I can deal with the suffering quite well now, but I've seen so many terrible things over the years, so I also had to keep a little distance otherwise I couldn't do it.If one of my pets dies I still suffer terribly... 






Cats in Chaweng







Mogli und Knicky

Little Samui und Mogli


Annette has been with us for a year now. She has greatly set in and can now do almost all office work independently. She also likes to help with the visitor care. That she loves cats about everything, you can surely see at the pictures. 


She also takes care of the medical treatment of many cats at our cat station at the neighboring house.

  This is the way Annette is greeted each morning by her darlings. They exactly know what time she is to be expected and they ALL are there on time...

  Annette constantly has to clear the office desk to work at all. Since she loves cats more than anything else, she doesn't mind ... actually she even enjoys the fact that the cats "support" her at work.


The printer is constantly besieged by cats or dogs. That can be quite annoying, if several pages need to be printed




Our "emigrants"


      Olaf and Andrea fell in love with Mogli straight away and even found that there was a soul mate. That's how they brought Mogli to Germany. And that he is spoiled there and that he is doing very well can be seen in the pictures.



  LENE has brought MIE to us from Koh Pahjam, where she was probably beaten by locals a lot. Mostly Muslims live there, who think dogs are unclean. Mie is extremely shy and is very afraid of men. That was Mie's only chance of survival. 

 Many thanks to Lene for saving Mie.

Mai Ly



  Jana worked for us as a volunteer. She fell instantly in love with Manu, who was Annette's favorite, because she took care of him from an early age. Jana took photos and videos of him, sent them to her family and finally decided to give Manu a new home in Germany. 
It was very difficult for Annette to say goodbye, but she is in contact with the family and always gets new photos of her darling. 

He is doing really well there and he is being spoiled by everyone. Thank you for giving Manu a new home in a great family.


    Honey was adopted by Hetty and her husband Chris. They came to Koh Samui to   fly to the UK with Honey. And as you can see, Honey feels really comfortable in her new home.



Dogs that have lived at the same hotel on the beach for a long time keep disappearing during the low season. I now have a horrible suspicion that the sellers, who offer all sorts of things for sale on the beach, are involved in kidnapping or killing the dogs. Since they certainly cannot catch the dogs, I assume that they poison them or kill them. Vadim from Russia could just barely prevent the worst at the beach of the New Star Hotel in Chaweng Noi. Several traders had armed themselves with long rods and tried to hurt Jack or kill him. I could not believe how brutal they wanted to go against Jack. What kind of monsters are they? The rods are used at the fire shows. 

After these terrible incidents on the beach, Vadim decided to save Gretta and Foxi from the beach. He came back here and picked them up personally... Many thanks to Vadim and his family!

Jack, Gretta and Foxy will be living with Vadim and his family in Russia in the future.



 A big THANK YOU to Jay's Family and Friends in Switzerland!

  Our long-term volunteer, Jay from Switzerland, has been part of the Dog Rescue team for over 15 years. She spent her first years on Koh Samui with daily work at the animal shelter and took care of the dogs and especially the puppies at the shelter. At that time she had set a puppy house at the big shelter as a goal, which we were able to realize. Together with Linda from Scotland, she founded the Temple and Outdoor Team in 2007. For years, Jay, Linda and Tom take care of the countless road and temple dogs throughout Koh Samui and almost all temples on the island.

Due to our difficult financial situation, this very costly project is constantly fighting for survival. In order to continue to finance the high quantities of dog food for the countless street and temple dogs, a call for financial support was unavoidable. Jay is absolutely overwhelmed by the support from her family and friends from Switzerland and would like to thank them once again in this way all - especially to her mother Claire, her father Franz and her brother Marco and his wife Moo.

   Anne from London has been with us for 6 months and is actively helping out at our shelter almost every day. She helps wherever help is needed and, with her empathetic nature, she is an asset to the many dogs in the puppy house, at the individual boxes and in the outer enclosures. Thanks to her tireless efforts to raise funds, we do not want to miss her anymore.Especially now - where we can hardly survive the year financially - her knowledge and efforts in this field have been greatly appreciated. Jay and Anne got together and looked for ways to raise the much needed donations. Anne has supported the Temple & Outside team from the very beginning and has been a great Successful crowd-founding project.  

 The goal of 12.000 Euros to keep the temple project alive for the coming months initially seemed unattainable, but now it is clear:

 We have made it and would like to thank all of you who have donated! We go ahead with full power!


The 12.000 Euros collected so far should cover the project for 6 months. We sincerely hope for further support. A further 6.000 Euros would secure the project until July 2020, for which we would all be very grateful. It would be a huge relief for the team not to work on the brink constantly.



helped us as a volunteer for 2 months and was able to convince me that younger animal lovers are more involved in Instagram and have left Facebook long time ago. Of course, we also want to reach these animal friends through social media. Alisa tried to explain Annette and me Instagram step by step.

The whole thing seemed quite complicated to me, even more complicated than Facebook... I did not even know what a "hash tack" is.I also do not know why we need so many different social networks. I have unsubscribed from Twitter. I can deal even less with this than with Instagram.

Since we have no other news for Instagram than for Facebook, Alisa has agreed to take care of the posting on Instagram. We are very grateful for that. She can answer most questions and if it gets complicated she will consult me. 

Many thanks to Alisa for her great help from afar!


  I now have almost 5,000 "friends" on my FB profile Brigitte Gomm. Almost all of them have something to do with animals. You can imagine how many terrible messages are posted there daily. I stopped checking FB in the evening’s long time ago because I often cannot get the fertile pictures of the tortured animals out of my head.

I have also signed out from the group "Dog and cats on Koh Samui" in Facebook a long time ago..There were and still are bad comments about our work. The time is too short for me to deal with alleged animal friends who only make demands and are not willing to give any real help. I know what Dr. Sith with his Thai helpers and our long-term volunteers achieve daily and I don't have any interest or time to deal with people from the island who don't have the slightest idea what we do for the dogs and cats each day.