Best pictures 2019

Here you can see a small selection from the many beautiful photos we took in 2019. I hope you enjoy it and I hope that our little picture stories can bring our organisation a little closer.


Visitors are always welcome! No prior registration is required! In Chaweng we are open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

At the shelter in Baan Taling Ngam we are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Unfortunately, we do not always have someone to guide you around at the shelter.



 Chris Zhang from China - actively supported us in Chaweng in the cat house  for a few days. Thanks for this great help.


 The Thai staff speaks only a little English. Of course, I'm also at the shelter but I don't have any fixed scheduled days. Just have a look around and have fun with the nearly 350 dogs. You can go to any enclosure. Please close the doors when you visit the dogs there. Often there is also a volunteer who is sure to take you around. Since 6 weeks Joelle helps at the cat house regularly . She likes to show you everything and tell you what we do for the animals. You will surely find her in the cat house or nearby. She speaks German, French, Italian, English and Swiss



 Caroline and her family gave us active support in Chaweng for months, for which we thank them very much.


Patrick and Sabrina


Julia and Ingo


  Kathrin, has been coming to Koh Samui several times a year since 2003 and is always a diligent helper. Over the years we have become good friends.I also call Kathrin when she's not on Koh Samui and I tell her my sorrows... Kathrin has been spending most of her vacation at the shelter for many years. Marcus and Kathrin are the only volunteers, who dare to report to me if helpers are not working properly.I am very grateful for that because after a "small" admonition from my side, the Thais usually then work very well gain...


  Margrit and Peter from the Swiss society wanted to get a real impression of our work and therefore helped as volunteers for a longer time.They also brought medicine donations. Many thanks to both of them.

Jana helped as a volunteer in the cat house in Chaweng for 2 weeks in April. She did an excellent job and the kittens still got etxtra pats.                     Thank you very much.

  The dogs get used to being bathed by volunteers. But they are always happy when it's over.

  Brushing after bathing usually pleases them very well. It's almost like caressing.



  Sybille is back and is taking care of the hopeless cases. Some dogs have lost their will to live after major injuries or serious illnesses and it is not enough just to feed them and give them water. These dogs need a lot of love and attention. Sybille managed it again and again, by her loving nature and with a lot of patience, to help those dogs on their paws again, who certainly would not have survived without her.

   She is the good spirit of our animal home.



Marcusalways monitors the large enclosures at the shelter and checks, if all dogs have enough dry food and fresh water. 

He also helps with repairs and likes to work with our other long-term volunteer Markus. 

Marcus has a small bungalow complex in Bang Por. There are only animal lovers desired. 

Take a look at his webpage:

Maybe it's  also your favorite beach on Samui. Marcus is always very committed to providing the best for all guests. He drives you safely to the shelter and leads you around there. Additionally, he and his wife often drive along the streets in the evenings and feeds many stray dogs at his own expense. He also tries to convince his guests to support us and has already collected many donations for us! Marcus has been here for over 20 years!