Best pictures 2013 - 5


Rainy Season, November 22, 2013

Today we had the first big rain, will say, we were trying all day long to keep our terraindry by means of two pumps. Of course there was no electric power for the whole day,but only recently we have bought a generator for the fridges to keep the vaccine cold;

this way we were busy pumping.

We have got a 16-inch wall in front of the entrance: all of us here are walled in! Therefore the water can’t flow off fast and in the small street to our house develops a rapid torrent in with no time. The whole area around Laem din Market is flooded by 16 inches:

The landowner had the brilliant idea that we should make a drainage hole in our wall.

We, on the other hand, didn't appreciate his idea at all. Can you imagine what things would be like after the water will have gone? Rubbish all over the place. At the moment, rubbish is flowing and floating everywhere in the streets.

Then he had a dredger arrive on the not-yet-built neighboring estate to excavate a trench and make a big hole in the wall.

At the moment it is pouring again, but our electric power system is running.

The dogs are well off; in such emergencies they are very calm and even keep each other warm

Today, there won't be any patients arriving
to see the doctor

That's what Laem Din Market looked like.

On the left you see the small street
leading to our Chaweng house.
On the right you've got the sign of the DCRS


The excavator is busy trying to dredge
a new for the water .



At the moment the wall is still high enough
and the pumps manage to keep our court
free from water.


Late in the evening we had to evacuate
the dogs from the boxes into the house
as the water was penetrating the small wall; furthermore, the pumps didn't manage
any longer to keep the court
mostly free from water.


The dogs Mama J and Mady
liked living in the house.

The following day they flew to Bangkok to wait for their connection flight to their new home




Our dogs are so fond of beleaguering the waiting area for patients.

A rather big "donation"  of  food has arrived.

Dr. Sit with his helper Gug and Kio


We are cooking  chicken carcasses with rice.
We've got lots of dogs fed that way,
because they are very ill
and dry food is not their favourite!




Günter and his favourite dog Marlon

The moment you sit down,
you are surrounded by the dogs

On the wall you have a picture of every dog
and in which kennel he is.

This musst be updated regularly.



This is one of our "wall-jumpers".
Unfortunately we have got
such a chamois quite often-
talking short walks above the roofs
of the single boxes when-
and wherever she or he 
has the idea of doing so!


A lot of dogs are given medicine twice a day.
They all swallow a big mouthful
of tinned food and do not realize
 having taken in medicine.








This is the kennel for small dogs;
as we have got 15 small dogs in our house,
we had to put up the "small ones" in the shelter.

There we have got several dogs waiting
for departure to their new homes.