Best pictures 2013 - 4


DJ Blair had given a concert for us 
in Lamai walking street of .
Everybody had a lot of fun
and we received  a 150 €  donation.


The children defenately enjoyed the music.

A big THANK YOU to DJ Blair

The children of Panyadee School
paid us a visit and helped us in the shelter.
Some painted very nice pictures for us.


At and around the Chaweng house

Everybody- ill or not- are gathering
when medicine is being distributed: 
they all want a mouthful of the tinned food


The hotel food leftovers have arrived!

The dog house in Chaweng


Jane from England had sewn them
for our cats and dogs.

All are dashing towards the new cushions

Bibi is a biter and doesn't like
having her coat brushed.
When the hair is too long we give her a light anaesthetic- unfortunately
this doesn't work otherwise.

Mausi didn't object to having her hair cut






Quickly check for any leftovers

We are not tired yet!



Let's enjoy some sunshine



Leave us alone now




Mää got a bath. She's always very cooparative.

Foxi was born here and her mother and one of her sisters live in Germany.

She always helps out when we got volunteers here and washes the dogs in the house.


Branco and Porky looking in the garden

At night we've got to lock up some dogs
to be on the safer side- and have a quieter night.
Porky snorts horribly loud!



Passage way to the house next door

New seats for the cats are being installed.


We use the big patio to dry our laundry there

This is the volunteer room

The kitchen- our store room for cages
and a thousand other items
had to be tidied intensely

This is the house next to us- front side

In the neighbouring house
we established a small cat station

Pomelo is the only long-term inhabitant
of the house next door.
He doesn't like at all to be examined.

There we've got a large quantity of free-running cats; from the moment a few dogs show up , cat-hunting may start any minute.