Best pictures 2013 - 3



Silke and her friends had had a fantastic idea


She organized a street party
for animal lovers and their pets.




Little interview with Silke.

Hard-working helpers preparing the party.

Everybody will find his or her
very special tease!

This looks so delicious!


Of course there were dogs
among the guests.


Brigitte, Lamai and Peter


Jay, Linda and Tom took a great many beautiful
and touching pictures of their work at the temples in 2013.

They are HERE:



Marcus has not only built the monkey-cage,
he is also very actifly helping
with reparing and building work at the shelter.

The back side of Compound 1
has not been used much by the dogs

Everybody helps where they can...

You wouldn't believe how fast
those tiles were up on the wall.
Thankfully the Cement had not dried yet
so we could take it all back down
and attach them on the floor.


Here you can see
what it should have looked like!

Naturally the dogs have
a garden of their own

The first mother dog has already
moved in with her little ones


In the beginning, Gina-Lisa didn't like him at all.
So the prima donna cuddled in one
of the cushions – and not look at him.

After an accident, Bobby arrived, paralyzed.
We provided him with him
 to 2 months' intense physical therapy
and laser irradiation.



What the hell are they doing?

I better don't look....

Gina-Lisa was drawing Bobby
o could only move precariously,
behind herself, looking at me miserably.

She certainly hadn't imagined
her first time this way!

At that time Bobbie hadn't totally recovered yet from his paralysis-
just to excuse himsome what!

Fortunately this adventurous action didn't have babies as a consequence-
something which hadn't been planned indeed!




What's going on?
I'm not a mother yet
and don't produce any milk!

Stop it now or I'll bit you!

Ok then, you asked for it...

Meanwhile both of them are inseparable
and only show up as a dual pack,
and nobody knows who follows whom!