Best pictures 2014

Here you can find a little collection of all the pictures taken 2014. I hope you enjoy them.

 I also hope that these pictures give you a good and close impression of our foundation.


Happy New Year 2015

The Shelter in Ban Taling Nam




Surprise surprise at the DCRS entrance door! Again puppies were abandoned at our gate. They are currently at the shelter in Chaweng until they are healthy enough to safely join the others at the puppy house.  We must be very careful at our shelter and vet clinic not to bring in unvaccinated puppies to other dogs as both can be exposed to disease. 





The 25- kilometer-transportation from Chaweng to the shelter is something you must get used to in the beginning, but up to now all the volunteers have successfully managed to dealt with that “problem”.

Shelter: House and Environment


Tschamp, the favourite dog of Dr. Sith


Dr. Sith

Kio, the 1st medical assistant of Dr. Sith


Bau, the 2nd medical assistant of Dr. Sith

Dr. Sith with the new narcotization machine.

Unfortunately surgery takes more time: normally the next dog or cat has been prepared for surgery by the assistants on the next operation table so that doctor Sith can start the next surgery right away.

Since only one animal at a time can be affiliated to the machine, it procrastinates the process a lot.






Dr. Sith and some of the volunteering veterinarians




Bang filling in dog information cards.


Every dog in a single kennel will have his picture taken for an "ID card" the second day after his arrival. One card is pinned to the kennel, the second is fixed to a basket with his medicine. Every day, Bang transfers the data from the registration to both cards.

Au during the daily medicine distribution


Au makes it very clever. He has a spoon with canned food where the medicine is hidden. The dogs are waiting so patiently until it's their turn. The dogs that do not need medicine, also get a spoon with food.
Au is giving medicine twice a day.
Throughout the whole animal shelter. It is good if always the same helper is entrusted with this task. He knows the dogs and they know him.



In the single boxes are sick, injured dogs as well as dogs after castration housed. The dogs have to stay with us for a week after castration.



Move over! I want some too!

Hey, I have only 3 legs ..


So? I am just having one ear!


We're waiting for more visitors to come play, cuddle,
wash and brush us!!


Papillon: in 2014, we had to say good-bye for ever. He was one of our venerable old dogs. Even with only three legs and blind he enjoyed his life in the DCRS enormously.
We will never forget you!


Struppi left us in 2014. He used to live for many years at the pinnacle on Maenam Beach. When he arrived here he was already very old and he was my personal darling dog. I miss him a lot.


Taking a bath in the rice is another kind of fun.



Benjamin with Banjo

Banjo is now living with Benjamin in Germany

Hard working volunteers always
are welcome for cleaning, bathing and cuddles



The dogs love to kiss me!



A small shelter ist built up fast!


All done already!



This is our "roof dog“. He takes his walks over the roofs of the kennels whenever he feels like it. He leaps right from the ground onto the roof- like a chamois!






During the rainy season we can’t burn the leaves and branches from the big runs. The helpers heaped up enormous piles and obviously hoped this “mountain” would vanish all by itself. Everything had to be shoveled and stuffed into big sacks and removed- a tiring job indeed.

This is Rino. He is ancient and looks like a walrus. Despite his unique looks he gets along with his mates and manages to eat quite well with his tusks.



Yes I love to kiss you too.


In the rainy season the gutters frequently get blocked and must be cleaned.


Ivette helps regularly at the shelter and also takes care of the visitors. She will be happy to show you around.


We finally solved the mouse-problem at our pantry: with CATS..

After the mice had gnawed even the large water bottles we had to resort to this natural method of destruction. We now set every night 2 or three cats in our pantry and now hardly any mice are found there.




Farewell for Sybille: She had been loyally  on
our doctor's side  for half a year.