Best pictures

Here you can find a collection of some of our best pictures from 2012. I hope you'll enjoy them...



Our team 2012

Dr. Sith has been with us for more than 7 years and we are very happy with him.


Bärbel and Günter, our long term Volunteers. They have moved to Samui permanently now.

They own a few shops for beach ware on Chaweng-Beach Road called AMAZONAS . Lots of great clothes-also in big size. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

Our temple team Jay, Linda and Tom.


Up: Uwe, Rainer, Martina, Bärbel und Brigitte Down: Marcus, Micky, Daniela und Günter 


Rainer is helping out at the shelter and Martina is working on finding homes for our shelter-dogs in Germany. Several times/year she comes to Samui and checks out all the dogs at the shelter for her AdoptionPage



I am Gina-Lisa-Marie the naughtiest and smallest dog in the Dog Rescue Center. Together with 12 other small dogs, Gina-Lisa-Marie lives in our the 40 cats of course.

Wow, this bone is great!

Hello, I am Gina-Lisa-Marie and this is my big friend Banco


Now you are surprised Mausi! You have no chance!

Once again I cought you Mausi!

I like white cats especially on toast.


Let`s destabilize the beach!

A little coolness cannot harm us.

Fun with swimming at the weekend and everybody takes his part.

Hello Katrin, don't forget about us! You are not planning to eat this without us, right?

13 years Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation

Every year at anniversary at first of April there is a little party for the staff.

Everybody eats, drinks and plays...


We love playing the trip to Jerusalem and everybody is taking a part.

For them who don`t know: everybody walks around the chairs but there is always one chair missing. When music stops everybody takes quickly a seat. Who didn`t get a chair has to go out from the game and once again there is one chair less till there is a winner.

What are you barking into my ear?

Leave me alone, Pinschers don't turn me on.

Hello Bonzo, come on, let's dance! Up with those feet!


Every day around 11pm, the cats in Chaweng get their freshly cooked fish. The fish is cheaper than can food and the cats definetely prefer it.

They love their fish and from 9pm on they get really excited and all show up in the living room.

....waiting for the fish party.

When does it start?

Finally it's time...

We have it comfortable on the freezer. It's important to rest after a meal

Together with our Mama we have just arrived at the Rescue Center. Since we have no idea what's going to happen, we'll stay close to big Mama. Once we are double vaccinated, we can take part in the fishparty.


I have now moved to Germany but grew up in the house of Brigitte and Werner. Besides all the cats, I had a pretty good time living there.

Hello, I am Gizmo and I had to wait a long time till I could fly to my Momie to England!