Best pictures 2018

Here you can see a small selection from the many beautiful photos that we made in 2018.
I hope you enjoy it a little. I hope I can help you through the small ones
Picture stories can bring our club a little closer.


On the 1st of April we celebrated our 19th birthday. Our sincere thanks to all who supported us and helped make Koh Samui a more pet-friendly island.

On Koh Samui, EURE has helped every dog and cat to get medical treatment for free for more than 19 years. For stray animals that can not survive alone on Koh Samui, it is possible to be admitted to the shelter.

Every day, through your help, at least 6 animals can still be castrated. Over the past 19 years, more than 20,000 dogs and cats have been neutered and countless vaccinations and treatments have been made.

We offer free medical treatment for ALL stray dogs and cats. With pick-up service outside the opening hours, as far as a helper is available at this time. Dogs and cats that have an owner, we ask for the cost of the medicine. Medicines are very cheap in Thailand and who has no money, the medicine will continue to receive for free.


These are our Thai and Burmese employees

Dr Sith our vet

Wit our manager

LEK can be used for all activities. He has a driver's license for the car.

Au works in the puppy house in the shelter.


Bang Usually goes to the hotels to pick up the food we get from the leftovers of the hotel guests.











Dam our housekeeper in Chaweng.























Markus from Germany

Our little shelter in Chaweng
Visitors and volunteers are always welcome!


Janine and Daniel


Sima and friend


Vanessaand friend

Bangkok Airways Crew


For the money collected by the Facebook group "Katzenträume" we brought dry and canned food for our pets. Many thanks to all who donated for us.


Emmely, Cirkeline, Heidi and Sean from Denmark

Nil from Samui

Brigitte Andrews 

Sam and Richard from Canada

Volker with his wife from Lorsch

Demi Li and her family from Malaysia and Sanne & Lex with their parents from Finland visited us

Jennifer, Daniela and Patrick helped us cut the dog paws with coconut oil and cut Foxi's fur.
They brought us dry food and treats for the cats and dogs. Many Thanks!


Silvia, Claudia, Katrin and Ralph from Germany

Maxi, Meggi and Max from Germany stayed with us for several days during their holiday. Among other things, they helped us to prepare for our anniversary celebration on April 1st.

Meggy loved to cuddle with our kitties and dogs.
She also found out that Lucie loves to lick our kitties. A pleasure for both sides the kitties get a free massage.



Uscha, Julia, Gon and Hemed



Food donations - our animals thank you for that!