Best pictures 2017

Here you can find a collection of some of our best pictures from 2017.

I hope you'll enjoy them...


On the 1st of April, we celebrated our 18th birthday, our thanks to all who supported us and helped make Koh Samui a more pet-friendly island.

 On Koh Samui, with your help, every dog and cat has had the opportunity to receive free medical treatment for over 18 years. For stray animals that can not survive alone on Koh Samui, it is possible to be admitted to the shelter.

 Every day, through your help, at least 6 animals can still be castrated. Over the last 18 years, more than 20,000 dogs and cats have been neutered and innumerable vaccinations and treatments have been performed.

 We offer free medical treatment for ALL stray dogs and cats. With pick-up service outside the opening hours, as far as a helper is available at this time. Dogs and cats that have an owner, we ask for the cost of the medicine. Medicines are very cheap in Thailand and who has no money, the medicine will continue to receive for free.


These are our Thai and Burmese employees

Dr Sith our Vet

Wit our Manager

LEK can be used for all activities. He has a driver's license for the car.

Au works in the puppy house in the shelter


Bang usually goes to the hotels to pick up the food that we get from the leftovers of the hotel guests. And supplies the dogs in front of our office in Chaweng.









Dam our housekeeper in Chaweng









Our little shelter in Chaweng

Visitors and volunteers are always welcome!



We had a lot of visitors again. They brought us a lot of great things. Thank you very much!

What is in the suitcase in it?

 Many thanks to Gunlög and Leif from Sweden. They arrived with a whole suitcase full of "presents".



Many visitors that means many treats and pats for our 4-legged darlings.


Hendrik from Denmark has collected for us at his school and on Facebook. He has donated huge mountains of dry food and canned food. Thank you very much Hendrik!


Right in the middle ...

Volunteers are always welcome in Chaweng. Over 20 dogs love to be bathed and brushed.

If you only want to help for a few hours, it's probably better if you come to Chaweng. There are about 30 dogs in the yard, waiting to be petted. We have a large area in front of the gate and there live about 40 dogs from us and the neighbors. There we are always happy about a helping hand during the cleaning work.


A regular bath is required.


The washing of our dogs in Chaweng is also often happily done by the volunteers who come to visit us for a few hours or weeks to help. We thank all volunteers for their support.




We cook fresh rice with chicken every day. Our dogs and cats like it very much.

In addition, we collect the leftovers from hotels every day.


Nap time




The whole food and romping but also makes you tired.
First a little rest before dinner.

Haki is our adoptive male  cat. With him all our kittens find a safe and warm place to sleep.

It's the most comfortable in bed.