Best pictures 2016

Here you can find a collection of some of our best pictures from 2016.

I hope you'll enjoy them...


We celebrated our 17th birthday on April 1st. Many thanks to everyone who supported us and contributed to making Koh Samui a more animal-friendly island.

On Koh Samui every dog and cat has had the opportunity to receive medical treatment free of charge with your help for over 17 years. For stray animals that cannot survive on Koh Samui alone, there is the possibility of being taken in at the shelter.

With your help, at least 6 animals can still be neutered every day. Over the past 16 years, over 20,000 dogs and cats have been neutered and innumerable vaccinations and treatments have been given.

We offer free medical treatments for ALL stray dogs and cats. With pick-up service also outside opening hours, provided that a helper is available at that time. Dogs and cats that have an owner are asked to pay for the medicine. Medicines are very cheap in Thailand and those who have no money can continue to get the medicine for free.

These are our Thai and Burmese employees

Dr Sith

Wit our Manager

AU works in the puppy house


LEK can be used for all activities. He has a driver's license for the car.

Our small shelter in Chaweng

Visitors and volunteers are always very welcome!



Families with small children will also have a lot of fun in our house in Chaweng with the many dogs and cats.

So small and yet so brave.

Finally a couple of our size.

Our domestic dogs and cats are always happy
about visitors

Volunteers are also very welcome in Chaweng.



After bathing, there is of course also fur care.

We want to be pretty for our visitors!



Volunteers are also very welcome in Chaweng.

The cats had a lot of fun with the boxes.

Unfortunately, Tinkerbell is very wild and has stripped off the plaster three times and the leg could not be straightened.




Visitors that means there is love and treats again!

What's in the suitcase? All donations for the dogs and cats!

DONATIONS are always welcome!

Is that all for us?



Nap time


All the snacks and romping also makes you tired.

First a little rest before dinner.