Vaccination program


At the shelters in Baan Taling Ngam and Chaweng all dogs receive vaccinations against rabies, hepatitis, parvovirus, distemper, parainfluenza and leptospirosis once a year.

Cats receive vaccinations against rabies, feline panleukopenia, cat flu, chlamydia, herpes and leukemia.

We also try to vaccinate and deworm as much dogs as we can at the big beaches once a year.

Here you can find some pictures of several activities at the beaches.

We also rely on your help - please help us to vaccinate and deworm all cats and dogs.

Whenever you've made friends with the animals straying around at the beach or your hotel please call us and we will come and vaccinate and deworm the cats and dogs.
Of course we also look for animals which aren't castrated yet. Whenever you find a green tattoo in the dog's ear this dog is castrated already.

Every day we castrate 6 animals at the selter and have to face 3 to 6 emergency cases.

Those animals often bring bacteria or virus with them. We try not to bring any animals to the shelter which aren't vaccinated - but in emergency or sickness cases this isn't possible...

All animals that need to be desexed at our shelter will be vaccinated 3 weeks prior the surgery.
After the sterilisation all animals have to stay 1 one more week with us for medical control.

Unfortunately a lot of dogs die of the parvovirus. Puppies are especially at risk. When a dog got infected the chances for healing are nearly zero. Parvovirus causes serious diarrhea and the dogs die balefully.

Distemper is also very common and caused by a virus. The only protection is a vaccination. Distemper damages brain nerves which causes various symptoms. Puppies are especially at risk. When a dog got infected we can only euthanise it to release it from it's neural pain.

As puppies are especially at risk we try to find a foster home for them until they have been vaccinated twice. After that we bring them to our puppy house and try to find a new home for them.

In april 2001 the government declared Samui to be the first rabies-free region.

Within the past 12 years we did about 60000 rabies vaccinations.
I haven't seen any rabies case within the past 20 years.

If you were bitten by a cat or dog I recommend to go to the doctor and ask for a vaccination. After that you are protected for 5 years and can pet animals all over the world without any fear.

Vaccination Program

Vaccination Program

Vaccination Program

Vaccination Program

Vaccination Program

Vaccination Program