Beste Bilder 2020

Feeding places

After the tourists were all gone, we had to think about what would become of the dogs on the beaches. So far, they have been taken care of almost exclusively by tourists. I took over the feeding at Chaweng Beach. The dogs have all gathered on the beach at the public entrance. The Thais meet regularly on this stretch of beach to have a picnic.
The Chaweng Beach in August 2020
It is usually the peak season here in August. A great many Italians and French always came in August.
The chicken sellers are on the beach every day and the dogs like to be near them. In any case, the bones are ALWAYS left.
The dogs on Chaweng Beach can't complain, it looks like they'll get through the corona pandemic well.
These are current photos.
Balu only comes to the beach every now and then. You can find him every afternoon at the LaemDin market.
The dogs on Chaweng Beach can't complain, it looks like they'll get through the corona pandemic well. These are current photos.
Feeding the dogs in the shelter and with me in and around the house

In the last few years we have always been able to pick up enough leftover food from the hotels and bungalow complexes in order to be able to offer the dogs in the shelter and at my house a small rice meal (mainly rice). The dogs liked the food and it was a welcome change for them every day.

Since all hotels are closed for the foreseeable future, we started to cook huge mountains of rice with chicken. We cook 50 kg of rice and 20 kg of chicken carcasses for the dogs in the shelter every day. It was a big challenge to get it right. The rice with the chicken is of course cooked first thing in the morning at 9 a.m. But it wasn't so easy to get this huge amount cooled down enough by 4 p.m. that the dogs wouldn't burn their tongues and throats. It's around 35C here during the day.

When the rice and chicken are ready to cook, they are put into 4 large cement mixing tubs and then have to be stirred again and again. Then at 4 p.m. it has cooled down just enough for the dogs to be able to eat it. Our feed mix tastes much better to the dogs than the leftover food from the hotels. It is a real delicacy for them. We therefore had to think about how we could prevent the dogs from biting each other in the fight for food. Each dog should also get a bowl. The dogs always have bowls filled with dry food, so if someone really doesn't get anything he doesn't have to go hungry. Of course, we also cook rice with chicken for the dogs at my house.
I have found a safe place on the tree so I can enjoy it in peace!