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Koh Samui once - Koh Samui for ever! If you have visited Koh Samui once and fallen in love with the island, you will always come back! Good for the dogs and cats! During the last years many animal lovers had come who had a lot of fun working with and for the animals. Thank you ever so much!

It doesn’t matter if you want to help only for a couple of hours or longer; every helping hand is welcome. Around 350 dogs and 100 cats are waiting to be cuddled. You can also come with children. The dogs and cats are all very nice and lovely and for kids it is for sure and unforgettable experience to play with so many dogs and cats.

We always depend on animal loving tourists spending their holidays on the island and are willing to help us. They help us to catch the dogs and bring them to our vet, Dr Sith, when they have been in accidents or bitten by other dogs. It is also enough to just stay with the injured animal until our helpers come to pick it up. Just call us and we come as soon as possible. Phone: 077 413 490 or 081 893 94 43.

There are always dogs that need to be castrated and need looking after during the recovery. It is already of great help if you look for un-castrated animals at the hotel ground you're staying at. Please call us and show these dogs and cats to our helpers so we can catch them for castration. Dogs and cats that have been neutered already you can recognize by a green tattoo in the ear! If there aren´t any cats or dogs at the hotel, that is a very bad sign. This means most probably that the animals are disposed of – no matter how!

If you spend your holidays on Koh Samui and want to help at the DRCS you are most welcome to do so! There is a lot of work to do and previous experience is not required. Everybody can cuddle dogs and cats! About 350 dogs and 100 cats are waiting to be cuddled.

HERE you can find a lot of nice pictures from volunteers

Vets wishing to help are welcome any time!


How to find us?

We have two shelters: a small one in Chaweng at our house and the large one at Ban Taling Ngam in the south west of the island. Click here for more directions.

Both of the shelters are opened from 9.00 to 18.00 o’clock daily and it is not necessary to make an appointment. Just come by and have a look at the shelters in Chaweng or Ban Taling Ngam! Of course, you can give us a call before you visit and ask for further information. Phone: 077 413 490 or 01 893 94 43.

We love volunteers

We love volunteers be they here for one hour or for one year – they help us through all sorts of crises when we are short-staffed. Please telephone me (077 413 490 or 01 893 94 43) before you come and we can discuss what you can do to help.

Regardless of what you do (painting walls, spraying dogs, de-ticking dogs, bathing dogs, looking after the cats, loving the animals, etc), please wear old clothes – the dogs just love to jump up on Armani! You will be working in the sun a lot so please make sure you are suitably clad for this and have sun cream and a hat. You may end up working on your own as I cannot be at the big shelter every day (I try to get there every second day).

Please do not disturb the vet unless you have a medical problem with one of the dogs. Very few of the local staff at the shelter speak English.


Unfortunately, we have in the moment no accommodation to offer for volunteers.

Of course we can help you to find a room. For around THB 500 per person we should be able to find a room close to our location.

Transport to and from the shelter at Taling Ngam

We can give you a lift to the shelter, you have to be at my house in Chaweng by 9.30 am and the car does not return until 6.00 pm. An alternative would be to get a songtao/bus taxi to Nathon then a motorbike taxi to the shelter but, being in ‘the middle of nowhere’, it is difficult to get a taxi back. If you wish to help us at Ban Taling Ngam, I suggest you rent a motorbike (150 baht a day).

If it is not possible for you to go to Ban Taling Ngam, I am sure we can find lots of work for you at the shelter in Chaweng.

Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer