Hello everybody, I'm Tanzmarie and super grateful to be here at the shelter of the Dog and Cat Rescue Center. I don't think I have ever lived in such a safe place. I can't believe that I can just be now. Just live and not have to worry all day long. It was normal for me to worry about where my next meal would come from, where I would find water during the dry season and of course I had to worry about my health my whole life long. I've had these chronic ulcers for absolute ever and I'm somewhat unsteady. That's probably why Sybille and Julia from the Dog Rescue gave me the name Tanzmarie. Tanz means dance in German. I'm already quite an old lady which is probably why I was integrated into the open kitchen area at the shelter and not just put away in one of the back compounds. Nice to see how people here respect those of advanced age.

Silke from Germany will look after me in the future. Thank you very much!