ORANGE (Female)

Hello, my name is Orange. I used to live at a temple together with my sister and many other temple dogs. My sister and I weren't living there that long, when I got very sick. The outside Team from the Dog Rescue worked around this area and treated many dogs at the temple for various different things. When they realized that we were new, of course they made it their goal to catch us and get us castrated. We didn't make it easy for them but eventually understood, that they don't want to hurt us. When they took us to the shelter, the doctor found my tumor. A really bad cancer tumor and while my sister got to return to the temple once she was neutered, I had to stay at the Dog Rescue and undergo some pretty serious chemotherapy. It all looked rally good at first but then took a bad turn. I showed serious side effects to the medication. Also my nerve system got damaged and it became super difficult for me to control my own body. I started to move uncontrollably, I was basically dancing all the time. Like I was dancing to a  cool song or something. Meanwhile I'm doing quite well and I'm happy that I can stay here at the Dog Rescue Center, where I feel safe and nobody really cares that I'm a non-stop-dancer.

Yvonne and Christian from Switzerland will take care of me in the future. Thank you very much!