DIEGO (Male)

I cannot tell much about the first few months of my life. For some strange reason I don't have any memories. I only remember getting out of a really hot and smelly rice bag at the DRCS. Apparently someone dumped me in front of the DRCS-gate in this bag where breathing wasn't easy. The DRCS people took me in and cleaned me up real nice. I had to be isolated at first (wasn't really isolated, I got a pretty fancy room in the puppy house though) until I had my vaccinations. Now I spend my days running around with all the other young dogs at the shelter and hope, that one day someone will come and adopt me. It's nice here but the thought of having my own family is pretty cool!

I was very lucky and found a new home on Koh Samui.

During my time at the shelter, Jesper, his parents Ann-Kristine and Frank and their dog Theo from Norway were looking after me. Thank you very much!