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NELKE (female)

People were doing one of their rounds where the register-cards and the dogs get compared and checked (we all get vaccinated and dewormed) they could tell straight away that I was a newcomer (without card). Due to my mange and age, I was quickly treated and registered. I love it here and have settled in very well. Who cares about my past!  


Sylvia from Switzerland is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

LILO (female)

I am a beautiful dog and I am often compared to a Labrador. I am not that familiar with the various breeds because here in Thailand we have just a few Pedygree dogs. However, as I get so many compliments, I guess that Labradors are generally very pretty dogs. Unfortunately my my appearance has not yet helped to found a family.


Isabel from Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

EM (male)

Not long ago I was the darling of all the people in my neighborhood. The children played with me every day and people cuddled myself regularly. After the sudden flood last spring, the house of my owners was destroyed and they had to move north. For me there was not a space, and so I ended up at the animal shelter.


Josee from Icking in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

GELLA (female)


I've been at the DRCS for over five years now and can't even remember what life outside the shelter is like. Even though I have pretty severe nerve-problems and it twitches everywhere, I'm a very happy dog and have found my space and peace here. I hope that I will soon find another sponsor who makes sure that my food bowl is always nicely filled.

Holly from Australia is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

BONITA (female)

My cat-friends Bono and Sasha and I were living together with many other cats at a lovely beach resort. It was a place where we met plenty of tourists and getting food was never a problem. We are both still very young and look attractive (so we think) and enjoyed the free life on the beach. One day some of the staff people came and put all of us in a cage. Many of the other cats I have never seen again. My two dear friends Bono and Sasha and I landed up at the DRCS where it has actually been quite pleasant. The food is great and we are even allowed to sleep in a proper bed. All is good again!

Rachel from Australia is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

GOONY (female)

I was picked up on the road about 2 years ago. I was in bad condition and had a huge wound on the side of my head, full of maggots. I was taken to the DRCS and they made me better in with no time. I was also very skinny so especially the DRCS-Volunteers fattened me up before I was then castrated. I had actually expected to be brought back home after the operation, but that never happened. Apparently I was no longer welcomed at the place I came from.


Sabrina and Enrico from Berlin in Germany are now looking after me. Thank you very much!

WUSCHEL (male)

Unfortunately I was not always so good-looking and cuddly teddy bear-like fuzzy dog. When I was dropped at the DRCS, I was totally stinking, matted, and had the mange, so my back was full of several hairless spots. Fortunately I was helped quickly and lovely volunteers at first washed and brushed properly, then I looked quite differently. I've heard that people try to find a home for me in Europe. That would be exciting, if it finally worked out!


Josee from Icking in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

PIRAT (male)


Also ich noch ein ziemlich kleines Kätzchen war, wurde ich beim Überqueren der Strasse von einem Motorrad ganz böse an der Seite erwischt. Ich hatte Glück im Unglück und bis auf mein Auge, erlitt ich keine weiteren seriösen Verletzungen. Dank der schnellen Hilfe vom Dog Rescue Center, fühle ich mich schon wieder sehr fit und gewöhne mich an mein neues Leben im Tierheim. Da ich einfach vor der Tierheimtür abgestellt wurde, wusste auch niemand, wo ich denn vorher gelebt hatte. Aber das macht nichts, mir geht es gut hier im DRCS und wenn ich jetzt noch jemanden finde, der die Patenschaft für mich übernehmen wird, ist doch alles perfekt.


I was very lucky and found a new home on Koh Samui.

During my time at the shelter, Karl-Heinz from Germany was looking after me. Thank you very much!

TIMMY (male)


Ich bin Timmy und lebe schon seit meinem zweiten Lebensjahr im Tierheim. Über meine Vergangenheit gibt es eigentlich nicht viel zu berichten und um ganz ehrlich zu sein, denke ich auch nur ganz ungern daran zurück. Hier ist die Kurzfassung: Ich bekam eine Augeninfektion, wo sich niemand drum gekümmert hatte. Meine sogenannten Besitzer wollten sich nicht mehr mit mir und meinem eitrigen Auge herumschlagen und brachten mich ins Tierheim. Hier im DRCS wurde mir dann schnell geholfen, auch wenn das Auge nicht mehr zu retten war, ging es mir nach der Operation sehr schnell- sehr viel besser und ich genieße mein Leben hier im Katzenhaus mit all meinen Freunden und Spielkameraden.


I was very lucky to found a new home on Koh Samui.

During my time at the shelter, Margarethe from Norway was were looking after me. Thank you very much!


TXT in English is coming soon

RONALD (male)


I was brought to the DRCS when I was only 4 months old. Since I never received any vaccinations, the risk of catching something bad at the shelter was pretty huge for me. And unfortunately that's exactly what happened. I got very sick and was fighting against all kind of things for several weeks. Thankfully I was taken care of really good and recovered just fine. I now received all my vaccinations and live at the shelter - together with all the other dogs my age. That's pretty cool actually, we play a lot and enjoy the good food.


Kathi from Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

PEPSI (male), Temple: Wat Nara


George from Grisheim in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

We started the Temple Project in 2007 and it has proven to be a big success. Hundreds of dogs and cats in the temples around Samui have been treated without being removed from their familiar environment. No-one really could have predicted just how big this project would become, or how expensive, we currently deliver over 1000kgs of dry food a month, not to mention the costs of the medicines and vaccines we require to ensure everyone stays healthy. We (DRCS) are already suffering financially just to cover the everyday costs of running the shelter, so the additional money needed for the temple project is giving us cause for concern. You can help us keep this important project alive by sponsoring one of our many resident temple dogs. With your help, we can help, by keeping them healthy, happy and safe. With your help they won’t have to rummage the garbage for food or fear for their lives on the street, they can live within the safety of the temples and be checked and well provided for by our dedicated project team every week.

BOO (female)


I actually had a pretty cool place to live when I was a puppy. I was fed and felt healthy and happy. Then some tourists picked me up and brought me to the DRCS. They also told me that I was flying to France in a few months and they would give me a lovely new home. Promise after promise....of course this never happened! Now I still hang around the shelter and hope that one day someone else will come and take me home.


Anna from Vancouver in Canada is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

RUSTY (male)


Unfortunately things didn't always work out for me and life wasn't always easy. My owners abandoned me when they realized that I was a little different than anyone else. My tongue was sideways hanging out of my mouth and due to a terrible problem with my eyes, I looked like a little monster. People at the Dog Rescue Center have taken real good care of me and now -after both of my eyes had to be taken out- I live a pretty great life at Brigitte and Werners home in Chaweng.


Claudia from Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

SHIRLEY TEMPLE (Aliana) (female)


Rachel from England is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


Hello, I am Aliana and this is my story: I was only ten weeks old when I got mange and all my hair fell out. My owner didn't like the look of meso took me to the temple. He said I would be looked after there and I suppose I was but nobody would love me. I was picked up by a lovely tourist who brought me here to the wonderful world of Dog Rescue. Uncle Vet (Dr Sith) immediately gave me some medication which made me feel better. I was pampered, petted and given lots to eat and drink. After that, however, came the bath! I felt much better after the bath but don't tell them that, they mightdo itagain! While I was settlingin at Dog Rescue, I even found a sponsor I hope that i can soon show off my new shiny fur....

JULIE SONG (female)


All my life I spent with this lovely man I called my family. I was taken care of and never had to worry about a thing. This all changed when he got really sick - the humans call it 'cancer'. Apparently it was his last wish that I would be taken to the DRCS -a place where food and safety was guaranteed. This day has now arrived and I'm giving my best to get settled here at the shelter. Actually it's not even that bad and I feel more comfortable with each passing day.


Heather and Pete from the USA are now looking after me. Thank you very much!

MANDY (female)


Claus from Vienna in Austria is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


Text will follow soon



JAY (female)


My Thai owner signed me up to be spayed at the DCRS. After I recovered from my operation, my owner didn't want to take me back. Now I live in compound 3 in the shelter in Baan Taling Ngam. I love any attention I get and love to be cuddled.


Stephanie from Germany will look after me in the future. Thank you very much!

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