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LEGGY (female)


I was picked up by a South African couple in Chaweng. They had befriended me and fed me while they were on holiday here. They didn’t want to leave me unattended as I have old injuries to my right shoulder and left front wrist. These were as a result of being hit by a car when I was a puppy and no-one taking me to the vet thereafter. I was brought to the shelter and (not surprisingly) everyone immediately fell in love with me. I am just SOOOO cute. I now live her in Chaweng and I like it when we get visitors who can’t resist loving me.


Jörg from Gießen in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much.

ANTJE (female)


I was living in Bophut Village and was being fed by some tourists. However, my lovely fur coat became filthy and matted and I looked like a dirty carpet with legs. I was brought to the shelter and underwent the 'Sakda Beauty Parlour Treatment' and now I look beautiful. I won't be allowed out until after some sort of operation to stop me having babies and then I hope to find a home back in Bophut.


Great news: I have found a new home in Germany.

While I was living at the shelter, Renee from USA was looking after me. Thank you very much.

SCABBY (male)


I was picked up by Silvia in Lipanoi because I had really bad mange. I was only about 12 weeks old and very thin and nobody would take care of me until Silvia found me. I was brought to the shelter where Sakda gave me a bath in some awful smelly stuff. He said that it would make me better which it eventually did. I'm now starting to look quite handsome and I love to come up and say hello to all the visitors.


Surprise, surprise: After my fur had grown back, my owner turned up at the shelter and took me home.

While I was in the shelter Ken and Pearl from New Zealand looking after me. Thank you very much.




SPEEDY (female)


I was thrown over the walls at the DRCS, abandoned just like that! From one day to the other I was there and stayed in the house in Chaweng for quite a while until i was moved to the big shelter into a special compound for little dogs. It's pretty cool here, I have settled in well and really like the other dogs.

During my time in the shelter Simone from Germany was looking after me.

Now i found a new home in Germany with Ariane. Thank you.



TOMBA (female)


I was one of almost 10 dogs that were forced to start a new life at the shelter of the Dog Rescue. We all lived at a construction side, where we had a great time while the building was going on. The workers loved and fed us and all was good. Then, when the fancy buildings were finished and the fancy managers moved in, the wanted to kill us. Don't want to think about it anymore, but we were saved and now live at the DRCS.

Elisa and Marco from Germany are now looking after me. Thank you very much!



NAHM (male)


About 9 months ago, so called animal friends picked me up on the road and brought me to the DRCS. They promised me a life in Germany with my own family etc. Once at the DRCS they started treating me with Doxycyclin. Apparently my blood results were so bad that this treatment was absolutely necessary. Not long after the treatment started, my teeth were slowly turning brown- a common side effect of this drug. That was enough for my future family to turn me down. ‘We don’t want a dog with dirty looking teeth’ they said and left me at the shelter. I have no choice but trying to settle in here and make the best of my situation. At least I’m healthy now and the mange has gone.


Kate and Rob are now looking after me, as well as the following great people:

Sally Renouf, Katie Lockhart, Sally Cousins, Conrad Truscott, Lloyd Nicholls, Tim Williams, Gerard Noel Brodie Buckland, Bridget Nicholls, James Greenaway, Bob Miller, Gwenda Miller, Sue Renouf, Mike Renouf, Jay Haefliger, Linda Kirk,  Donna Harivel, Stan Dinkelaar, Allen Harivel, Briony Redmond, Greg Luscombe, Trish Burke, Shelley Culpin, Susan Greenaway, Edward Greenaway, Susan Dexter, Jonathan Dexter, Dave Bowley

Thank you very much and all the best for your future together! Have a great wedding!!!


GINA (female)


I was picked up by one of the helpers at the shelter as I lived near him. I was brought in because I had really bad mange and had many sores on my skin, especially my back. It's taken ages for my skin to get better but gradually it's improving. The longer I am at the shelter, the less shy I become and now I play the game, with the other dogs, of pull all the laundry off the washing line and make it into confetti. Good news: I found an owner on Koh Samui. For the time I was living at the DRCS, Anne and Brian from New Zealand sponsoring me. Thank you very much. Unfortunately, my luck did not last very long My new owner went back to his home country and couldn't take me with him.


Diane from Wiltshire in England is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

LUZZY (female)


I was brought in because I had mange and my owner thought (mistakenly) that I would pass this on to him and his children. He said I was only coming to the shelter for a short while until I was better but that was a long time ago and he never came back.


It was a big surprise that my owner came back after half a year and took me back home.

Until then Heike and Hilmar were looking after me. Thank you very much!

TINTA (female)


I had an owner but he decided not to take me home with him when he returned to Europe. I was meant to be looked after by his friend but he dumped me within a week complaining that I was dirty and made him scratch. I wandered about Maenam for a few days until I was picked up by one of the volunteers at the shelter. I now live at the shelter and hope someday that my owner will come back from Europe and take me home.


Good news for me - my original owner turned up and was not a happy man when he found out that I was at the shelter. So, after much time and trouble, I was taken back to Europe with him.

Thank you Jean from New Zealand for looking after me when I was at the shelter.

LINA (female)


I was brought in originally because of mange. It took two months for my hair to grow back properly but, by that time, my owner didn't want me back. One day, we got a visitor to the shelter and he wanted to take me home but, when Brigitte started to ask him questions about himself, it turned out that he just wanted me to make babies so he could sell them on. I love having babies but not two litters a year. I'm tired! Brigitte wouldn't let me go with the guy as she knows I'm better waiting here for a new owner. I need to be loved, not to be an object to make someone money.


I have had a lot of luck, because my owner's daughter took me to Bangkok as she couldn't forget me. Thanks very much, but I'm not looking for a sponsor any more!

RICCO (male)


Ricco found a new home.


During his time at the shelter, Karin from Switzerland was looking after him. Thank you very much!

Text will follow soon

KUNST (female)


Sally from Surrey in England is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


Text will follow soon

CHAPLIN (male)


Unfortunately Chaplin ran away. We miss him very much.


During his time at the shelter Ulrike from Magdeburg in Germany was looking after him. Thank you very much! Text will follow soon



Lisalo found a new home in England.


During her time at the shelter, Lisa from Australia was looking after her. Thank you very much!

SADIE (female)


Sabrina, Beat, Vivien & Kim from Birmensdorf in Switzerland are now looking after me. Thank you very much!


Text will follow soon

SAHM (female)


I was found by some tourists on the edge of the road after I had had an accident. One of my front paws was broken in several places. Unfortunately it did not heal properly and I dragged my broken paw along on the ground resulting in a deep hole. Dr Somsak had to amputate my leg and this picture shows me looking at my new anatomy (or lack of it), Now I am doing really fine and I run around the compound with all the other dogs.


Nataly from Germany is now taking care of me. Thank you very much!

AGAPI (female)


Dany from DIVEPOINT has found me left alone in a corner of her office in the Boathouse hotel at Choeng Mon Beach. We have waited for my mom for a long time but she didn't come back. Then, Dany has brought me to Brigitte. She was immediately charmed when she saw me. I was exactly what Brigitte thought to be a very beautiful cat. We have played and cuddled a lot and I don't have to worry about going to Ban Taling Ngam. I feel great here and cannot imagine a better cat life.


Patricia from the Netherlands is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

DAMMI (male)


My right paw was broken so I was brought to DRCS by a tourist. I could not care for myself because I was not able to catch any birds and geckos. At the shelter at first, I was a little angry and wild because I was not used to humans. I soon got used to it and now like it here very much because the food is excellent and I 'have made a lot of friends. At Brigitte's house there are now 6 similar looking black cats, so we get numbers written in our ears every day, I am number 4. When I am old enough to be castrated I am supposed to stay at the shelter in Ban Taling Ngam afterwards. Meanwhile, it is very crowded in Brigitte's house and a lot of kittens are running around there. Brigitte has promised me that I can come back to the house anytime if I don't like it in Ban Taling Ngam. Since I like being in the garden trying to catch anything that's flying around I look forward to the garden in Ban Taling Ngam. I it said to be a lot bigger than the one in Chaweng.


Unfortunately Dammi ran away. We miss him very much.

During his time at the shelter, Hildegard and the Haexli-Clan from Walde in Switzerland were looking after him. Thank you very much!

DANCER (male)


I was brought by my owner for castration and never picked up again. The address and phone number on the admittance card were wrong and therefore I suspect that my owner just wanted to dump me when he brought me to DRCS. Well, I have waited a long time and since he never came back I got used to live in the shelter. Every time a visitor comes, I dance on my back paws. As I am very good at this, I was given the name Dancer.


After some time at the shelter I got bored and decided to take my life in my own paws again and ran away.

While I was living at the shelter, Catherine from Calgary in Canada was looking after me. Thank you very much.

SUGAR (female)


The helpers of the DRCS searched for dogs to neuter at the temple WAT PHU KHAU DTONG in Maenam. They strolled around there a little while and I approached them slowly. When Brigitte spotted me from far away she walked in my direction, and I knew that this was my chance to find a new owner. She was absolutely delighted by my water blue eyes and took me on her arm. I purred like crazy and the rest was easy. I was brought to the shelter in Ban Taling Ngam and the next day I was given an injection. When I woke up I was at Brigitte's and Werner's house. I spent two days in bed purring and purring… Most or the many other cats were very friendly to me and I settled in immediately in the big pack. The meals are varied and tasty. I will soon have put on weight. Life at the temple was not always easy since the dogs are not willing to share the little food with cats. Meanwhile I have recognized that there are many kittens without mothers in the house that need care. I dedicate myself to this task; my favourites are the very little ones.


After some time at the DRCS I got bored and decided to take my life in my own paws again and ran away.

While I was living at the shelter, Pimchanok from Bangkok in Thailand was looking after me. Thank you very much.

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