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RONDA (female)


Text in English will follow soon

Leider sind nicht alle Menschen so lieb wie das Team vom DRCS. Die Leute vom Dorf, wo ich zuvor gelebt hatte, wollten uns Hunde loswerden und haben Gift verteilt. Ich hatte Glück und habe die Vergiftungsaktion überlebt! Leider hatten meine zwei Schwestern nicht soviel Glück.... Nun bin ich froh, hier im DRCS ein neues Leben gefunden zu haben und mache das Beste daraus. Die andern Hundies sind Alle ganz nett und das Essen ist vorzüglich. Von meiner bösen Vergangenheit habe ich losgelassen und schaue nur noch nach vorne!

Muriel from France is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


CORAL (female)


The Dog Rescue has picked me up wondering around in the hills not really knowing where to go and how to find my next meal. My skin has been really painful for a long time and I am very happy that the suffering has finally come to an end. Thanks to Oriana who is now sponsoring me, I can stay at the Dog Rescue, where I have settled in quite well. My hair is slowly growing back and the other dogs are actually quite cool around here.


Oriana from Italy is now looking after me. Thank you very much!





KLOTA (female)


I have been living at the DRCS for so long, I can hardly remember what my story was before I got here. Since 2009 I can call this shelter my home and have no other plans for the future. Now I only need someone who could sponsor me...


Muriel from France is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

MAI LING (male)


I was caught in hotel grounds by animal loving tourists when I was around 6 weeks old. My mother had disappeared suddenly. Everything pointed to the fact that the manger was responsible that my mom couldn't come anymore to teach me how to catch mice and geckos. All the other dogs and cats also had disappeared without a trace. I was lucky! In Brigitte's and Warner's house there were many other cats my age and we played together all day long. There was even a garden. Apart from us cats, there are 7 dogs living in the house and I have a lot of fun with them. However, I have a special habit that sets me apart from all the others: I immediately try to kiss everyone and won't stop. At the beginning visitors think that's cute but after a while they do not like my love bites anymore. When I was 6 months old I was castrated and didn't return to the house in Chaweng. It is very crowded there as there are always new kittens coming – almost every grown up cat has to stay in the shelter in Ban Taling Ngam after castration. At the beginning it was hard for me to get used to my new surroundings as I have difficulties pursuing my special habit. But as soon as visitors come I jump on them from a distance of even 2 meters and start kissing them right away. It would be nice to have a human next to me whom I could kiss at will. Maybe someone will take me home some day! Somebody has taken me!! Gertraude from Munich has given me a new home. I´m very happy in Germany!


During my time at the shelter, Avalon from Australia was looking after me. Thank you very much!

HASSO (male)


I was brought to the shelter because I had broken one of my back legs. However, because of the tiles in Brigitte's house, I couldn't learn to walk properly and kept slipping. So, I was moved down to the big shelter and now roam the main compound quite happily with the other dogs who are there. Every morning we greet Dr Joe with our happy barking! I have a great time here and am learning to walk. However, sometimes it's fun just looking pathetic and pretending to struggle as a volunteer always runs to pick me up and cuddle me - I managed to get carried around for four whole hours one day!


Good news: I found a new home on Koh Samui!

For the time I was at the DRCS, Eva-Maria from Liechtenstein was taking care for me. Thank you very much!

PAMELA (weiblich) Ich wurde von meinem Frauchen ins Tierheim gebracht, weil die Nachbarn plötzlich keine Katzen mehr in ihrer Gegend haben wollten und ihre Hunde auf uns hetzten. Meine 4 Kameraden wurden direkt in das große Tierheim nach Bahn Taling Ngam zu Kastrieren gebracht. Ich durfte im Haus von Brigitte bleiben, weil ich hochschwanger war. Nach einer Woche habe ich vier süße Babies bekommen. Ich darf mit meinen Babies in einem wunderbarem Korb im Bett liegen und das Essen wurde mir nach der Geburt direkt dort serviert. Die anderen Katzen schauen immer mal vorbei und bewundern die Kinder.


Als Pamelas Babies alt genug waren und sie sich um sich selbst kümmern konnten, beschloss Pamela wieder ihren eigenen Weg zu gehen und ist weggelaufen.

BUN ( male )


My last station should be the temple, but I was lucky, because I was supposed to be broght to the clinic of the DRCS. And there I got healthy very quickly. After I got healthy again, I found a new owner. The DRCS regularly controls if I am ok.

a few weeks later



I was brought to the shelter because the people at the market, where I scrounged a living, didn't like looking at me as I have no hair. As soon as I arrived, I had to undergo the indignity of a bath and an injection of something or other. However, since then, I've stopped scratching and my hair is growing back (although slowly). Brigitte has promised me that within six weeks I will be beautiful again.


Ich habe mich dann später wieder auf den Weg in die Freiheit gemacht!

CAT (female)


When I was nearly eight weeks old, I had to ran for my life, because a dog was running after me. I wasn’t quick enough, so the dog catched me on my leg, but I could get free. Unfortunately my owner brought me to the shelter, when my leg was suppurated and even the muscle was infected. I had to take antibiotic every eight hours, and the cleaning of my big wound every day was very hard. After one week I felt very bad. I stopped eating and I didn’t want to fight for my life. I had a super-infection, which suppurated everywhere! Because of this I was forced to eat something by Brigitte and Dr. Somsak always tried different combinations of antibiotics. And yippie!!After three weeks I felt so much better. But I had to stay two more weeks at the clinic because it took very long, before the wounds finally healed. After that I was feeded regularly by the people of the Montien-House and also other cats too.
JULIA (female)


Claudia from the Allgäu in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


Text will follow soon



Claudia from the Allgäu in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


Text will follow soon

MORENO (male)


Maria and Jürgen from Bayern in Germany are now looking after me. Thank you very much!


Text will follow soon

CALTEX (male)


Good news: I found a new home on Koh Samui!

For the time I was at the DRCS, Sven from Germany was taking care for me. Thank you very much!

HOLLA (female)


Ralf from Hilden in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


Text will follow soon

MALA (female)


Unfortunately Mala ran away. We miss her very much.


During her time at the shelter, Cordula from Beverungen in Germany was looking after her. Thank you very much.

ANGELINA (female)


Klaus from Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!


Text will follow soon

SARY (female)


Yeah, I found a new home here on Koh Samui.


While my time in the shelter Kerstin from Rockenhausen in Germany was looking after me. Thank you very much!

MUFFIN (male)


Unfortunately Muffin ran away. We miss him very much.

During his time at the shelter, Sabine from Germany was looking after him. Thank you very much!

LUCKY (weiblich)


My name's Lucky. Me and my three sisters were exposed at Big Buddha temple as we were nearly eight weeks – and without our mother. Every day the monks gave us a little rice, but it wasn’t enough. We got very thin and we lost our fur because of mange. Danny from the DRCS gabe us Ivomec-Injections against mange. Additionally we were cleaned several times with Amitrax. That wasn’t really cool, because after that we were dried via hair dryer ( ‘cause Amitrax is very toxic ). But after that we got very tasty dry dog food. I was very lucky, since my sister “happy” (look at the picture right below) and me were mediated by the DRCS to a animal-loving Thai. Now we live in the bungalow-area “simple life” in south of the island. Maybe you could visit us once?! The owner’s English is good and the restaurant is very good, too. For him it wasn’t important how we look like. He always says: “dog is dog”. We both and also our sisters at the temple - we have nice fur now. What happened to my sisters at the temple meanwhile is not very sure –because twice a year dogs at temples got poisoned by government with Strychnin. But it’s been a long time. But in 1999 there was no DRCS on the island and because of this the situation for dogs and cats was hopeless.

NEW STAR (female)


Some tourists decided to help out Brigitte by collecting dogs for castration in Chaweng Noi (where I lived). I was picked up but was too thin and mangy to be operated on. I was kept safe here in Chaweng while my friends got 'the operation'. On the day they were returned to the beach, the puppies (who had been too young for operation) were poisoned by someone. The local hotel managers again claimed it was the tourists who have been poisoning the dogs in Chaweng Noi. Anyway, I'm safe and now have the task of greeting all the visitors to the shelter. I do this by lying across the top step just outside the front door so they have to step over me. I lick their ankles on the way past!


Good news: I found a new home on Koh Samui! For the time I was at the DRCS, Chriseldis from Seeheim Jugenheim in Germany was looking after me. Thank you very much!

PETER (male)


I was brought in from a local bar with my mother (Mary) and siblings (Nilix and Paul). The lady who worked at the bar was concerned there was something wrong with mummy as she wasn't feeding us enough. There was something wrong with her and she was also very pregnant with her next litter. So, Nilix, Paul and I now live with Brigitte but mummy was moved down to the big shelter to have her hernia operated on and she is also now the proud owner of another three kittens (the last time she will ever have kittens, according to Brigitte). Maybe we will catch up with mummy and her new babies at the big shelter.


No, something special happened. I found a new home on Koh Samui! I do not need a sponsor!

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