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NELKE (female)


People were doing one of their rounds where the register-cards and the dogs get compared and checked (we all get vaccinated and dewormed) they could tell straight away that I was a newcomer (without card). Due to my mange and age, I was quickly treated and registered. I love it here and have settled in very well. Who cares about my past!

Sylvia from Switzerland is now looking after me. Thank you very much!



Mr BIG BOY (male)


Oh how nice it was when I was still being loved, carried around everywhere and I was even allowed to go on trips in the car. When I got sick and they found some ticks on my body, I was all of a sudden not so popular. It seemed so easy for my owners to drop me off at the was the last time I saw them. They wrote the wrong number on my card and left. Now I have no choice but getting used to this life here..

Claire and Amber from Scotland is now looking after me. Thank you very much!





SAABI (female)


Masha and I came to the DRCS just a few weeks apart and have build up a real friendship in the time here. We both had to be locked up in a cage for quite some time until we were fully vaccinated and it was save for us run around freely in the house. If we ever find a home, I truly hope that someone will adopt Masha and me together.

Good news: I found a new home on Samui. While I was living in the shelter, Michaela and Alex from Munich in Germany were looking after me. Thank you very much.


BLISS (female)


Since I've been a little puppy I've been suffering from very bad mange. My hair keeps falling out, sometimes comes back but without daily medication I would be totally naked and full of open wounds. The doctor is not sure why it keeps coming back but somehow it has never gone away completely and therefore it is not surprising, that nobody wants to give me a home. At least the medication I get here take away the itch and I can live a life without constant scratching…

Pierre from Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!



SNOWFLAKE (female)


Nobody can understand why I insist to stay at the DRCS. The Temple-Team of the DRCS saved me and my puppies from people who were up to no good and brought us to the shelter. When my puppies were old enough to do their own thing, I was adopted but brought back soon after that due to pretty bad mange problems. I’ve been here since and even though the DRCS-people opened the main gates for me more than ones, I prefer to stay here, I like the shelter and the other dogs are totally funny.

Pierre from Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!





CHELLO (female)


Nobody really knows where we came from. One day when the DRCS-people checked all the dogs in the compound, they found out that Flynn, Mozart and myself weren't registered. I don’t really care much about our history, where I came from and why I’m here. I like being here and have no plan of going anywhere else any time soon.

Sandra from Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

BONITA (female)


My cat-friends Bono and Sasha and I were living together with many other cats at a lovely beach resort. It was a place where we met plenty of tourists and getting food was never a problem. We are both still very young and look attractive (so we think) and enjoyed the free life on the beach. One day some of the staff people came and put all of us in a cage. Many of the other cats I have never seen again. My two dear friends Bono and Sasha and I landed up at the DRCS where it has actually been quite pleasant. The food is great and we are even allowed to sleep in a proper bed. All is good again!

Rachel from Australia is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

GOONY (female)


I was picked up on the road about 2 years ago. I was in bad condition and had a huge wound on the side of my head, full of maggots. I was taken to the DRCS and they made me better in with no time. I was also very skinny so especially the DRCS-Volunteers fattened me up before I was then castrated. I had actually expected to be brought back home after the operation, but that never happened. Apparently I was no longer welcomed at the place I came from.

Sabrina and Enrico from Berlin in Germany are now looking after me. Thank you very much!

FINJA (female)


I've been at the rescue for only a few months now and still hope that one day someone will come and decide to give me a new home. I don't really like it here much, too many cats in the house and too much traffic around the food bowls. I've always preferred to be alone.. but will give my best to settle in here.

Monika from Austria is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

ARIEL (female)


I lived in a small village in the south of the island. I didn't have any particular owner but enjoyed the donations of food from the stall owners in the market. However, the local butcher took exception to the theft of some meat off his stall. He chased me around the market for what seemed likes hours. I thought it was a great game at first but when he grabbed a knife I wasn't as impressed. I am not sure what happened then. Anyway, I know live at the DRCS-shelter. The workers and volunteers are nice here and don't chase me around the compound when I steal food from them.

Vera from Switzerland is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

GELLA (female)


I've been at the DRCS for over five years now and can't even remember what life outside the shelter is like. Even though I have pretty severe nerve-problems and it twitches everywhere, I'm a very happy dog and have found my space and peace here. I hope that I will soon find another sponsor who makes sure that my food bowl is always nicely filled.

Holly from Australia is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

MOSES (male)


I can still remember my first day at the DRCS, it was just scary! So many cats in one place, some cats were penned in cages and then all the dogs just outside the door - it was awful. I justclosed my eyes and thought of something beautiful( .. chasing a mouse ...hmmm). The fear, however, then declinedquite quickly and I understand that the people here only want to help.Now I have settled quite well and I get onwith other cats alright.

Christopf from Brittnau in Switzerland is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

HURLY (female)


I live at the DRCS for a few month and I was put into a small shelter with dogs who are scared like Babs – Bärbel and Günter care for me here. I rised and my fur is very tight now, but I am still very scared when I see people or even other animals and I always back down, just the welcoming howling is one thing what I do too. Maybe one day I will take a part at the cuddle time.

Heather from England is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

WUSCHEL (male)


Unfortunately I was not always so good-looking and cuddly teddy bear-like fuzzy dog. When I was droppedat the DRCS, I was totally stinking, matted, and had the mange, so my backwasfull of several hairless spots. Fortunately I was helped quickly and lovelyvolunteersat firstwashed and brushed properly,then Ilooked quite differently. I've heard that people try to find a home for me in Europe. That would be exciting, if it finallyworked out!

Josee from Icking in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

LILO (female)


I am a beautiful dog and I am often compared to a Labrador. I am not that familiar with the various breeds because here in Thailand we have just a few Pedygree dogs. However, as I get so many compliments, I guess that Labradors are generally very pretty dogs. Unfortunately my my appearance has not yet helped to found a family.

Isabel from Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

MÄÄ (female)


I am a really very special case. Brigitte and Werner have decided not to put me up for adoption - even though many people came to the DRCS who had wanted to take me home. That's fine for me! Because I think that it is nowhere as beautiful as here. I am the substitute mom for all small cats in the house, hardly an hour passes where I do not have any small hanging on my nipples. There is no milk, but the cats do not seem to mind.

Patricia und Akasha from Zürich in Switzerland is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

EM (male)


Not long ago I was thedarling of all the people in my neighborhood. The children played with me every day and peoplecuddled myself regularly. After the sudden flood last spring, the house of my owners was destroyed andthey had to move north. For me there was not a space, and so I ended up at the animal shelter.

Josee from Icking in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

MAUSI SONG (female)


I was dumped in the jungle and couldn't believe my luck when I was finally found by a lovely lady with a huge animal heart. She knew straight away that I was in need of help, I must have looked terrible and I was in tremendous pain. Since I hadn't eaten in days, once arrived at the DRCS, I was all over any sort of food I got (or found). I now live with Brigitte and Werner and have become the favourite of every visitor.

Susanne and Marco from Wels in Austria are now looking after me. Thank you very much!

BONZO (male)


Bettina from Berg in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

I was dropped off at the door of the Dog Rescue Center with two broken legs. My owner didn't want me anymore. However before at least he brought me to the vet and let him bandage my legs. At the vet Brigitte heard that my owner doesn't want me anymore. But this wasn't that bad, because right from the start I got lots of food and it was best quality. At the house of Brigitte's and Werner's a was great by just tons of cats. But then they ignored me. But this was ok. But what about all the dogs! Most of them were about my size, all of them were hairy rats who eyed me very negatively. But of course I was very forceful with them, even with my bandaged legs. In the meantime I have become the love of Brigitte. And nobody speaks about a new home for me anymore. I am even allowed to go to the beach with Bibi, Brigitte's personal dog, and after some fighting I am even allowed to sleep in her bed. So far only Bibi was allowed to do so, the stupid Poodle. Bibi doesn't like to play with me, she only wants to play with the ball. Now I chase the ball too, or simply run after Bibi. When we go the beach, I am always the stupid one, because I have to swim and Bibi just stands on the board and barks. I have put on so much weight lately that the surfboard Bibi has doesn't carry me anymore. But my lady loves me! I love to eat coconut sweets. My lady too and because I know just how to beg, we usually share.But why do I get so heavy from them, some people tell me I am fat! But I think that I am very handsome. Fat and healthy. Thank God it's not possible to put me on a diet, because there are so many baby cats in the house, and they get fed all the time. The bowls here are never empty. Now they also found out that my previous owner used to tie my mouth with wire. There was a deep bloody ring around my mouth, but now the fur keeps growing back like a miracle - but unfortunately in white. When I am left alone I make a lot of noise. I don't stop barking and I cry very loudly. For hours,if needed. For sure the neighbors didn't like that very much and that was probably the reason I was dumped. But now I am sure that nothing better could have happened to me.¨ Antonio from Weinheim in Germany wants to take care of me in the future. Many thanks!

Here some very nice videos of Bonzo:
Bonzo and Love - Part 1
Bonzo and Love - Part 2
Bonzo and the fiesta of love - Part 3
Bonzo - Part 4

ASHLEE (female)


Ashlee from Australia is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

Text will follow soon


Patrizia and Kurt

BRANCO (male) alias KURT


I come from Lamai. I was hanging around the Weekender and because Silvana from Switzerland kept feeding me with chicken wings every day I started looking after her.
I defended her against everybody and everything, but in the hotel they didn't like that. I was brought to the DRCS and was supposed to stay there. But after some time I was bored and I ran away. The mural is not too high and sometimes friendly tourists drop by, who kindly open the door. That was not really a problem for me. After some months, I was brought to the DRCS again, because the protective instinct came through again. Ok, I admit, I simply don't like Thai people too much.
I was brought to the animal shelter in Bahn Taling Ngam. It was just so easy for me to break out. But in the complex of bungalows, that I chose as my new home, they didn't want me, I was brought to the DRCS again – but this time to Chaweng once more. After a short period of time I was on tour again. This time my way brought me to Chaweng Beach. In April 2008 I met my new patron Patrizia at the Beach of Chaweng at the Iyara. For us, it was the most beautiful month of that year. She always called me Kurt, probably because I am a real go-getter. I have been living there since November 2007. My other companions from the beach were quite relaxed, so I decided to stay there. But I have to admit that it was not so easy getting food. Ok, the dogs at the beaches have it much easier than the dogs in the countryside, but still, we have to beg with the cutest eyes just to get some food. I shared 3 weeks with Patrizia und then we had to say good bye again. As far as I know, she is my patron now but my biggest wish is to find my own family whom I can show my love – and I promise to defend them forever and ever. I don´t want to fear for my life anymore – I am now looking for a new home.

Patrizia from Mannheim is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

SEVEN (male)


I am SEVEN and have been wondering around the area close to the 7/11 supermarket on the ring road in Chaweng for quite some time now. Everybody knew me but they were all unable to catch me. I have had enough bad experiences with humans so I decided to never get tortured again.
Sue, a very nice English woman, could convince me that there are still a few kind human beings. She's been going to this supermarket for a long time and she always had a little something for me when she came back out.
I used to quickly grab the food and immediately run away again.
I soon figured that she had no intention to harm me. A few days down the line she caught me by surprise when she through a towel over my head, grabbed me and dragged me into her car.
I thought to myself: That was it! Now they are going to kill me. I was terribly scared and could not stop shaking. I was brought to the Dog Rescue Center and had to get friendly with God knows how many cats. Some of them are bigger than I am! All of them were sniffing me.. On top of that the house is full with other dogs and they were everything but happy about my arrival.
But the food here is delicious and the bowels are never empty!
I am sure that I will find a lovely new home once I'm a pretty little dog again. And if not, I can stay here at the Dog Rescue Center.
They think I might be a Shitzhou, so I assume that finding a new home won't be so difficult! Tomorrow they will introduce me to the vet and surely he will give me the right hair restorer. Follow my story in the FORUM, where you can find new pictures of me every week.
,,I will let you know how I am doing here at the shelter.

Good news: I found a new home and now live in Germany. While I was living in the shelter, Patrizia from Germany was looking after me. Thank you very much.

PUMBA (female)
Good news: I found a new home on Samui. While I was living in the shelter, Sabine and Julia from Germany were looking after me. Thank you very much.

Brigitte and Michael

ROBI (male)


I arrived at Brigittes and Wernersas a tiny kitten. I was a single fighter and this I still am, when it's about getting the love of Brigitte and Werner. Tourists found me on the market underneath a table. The owner of the market didn't want to have me, because he already has enough cats of his own. The tourists brought me to the DRCS, which is right across the corner. This is where I was in a single cell for one month. They always talked aboutgermns and bacteria which are all over the house and lots of my colleagues already died from them. I have put up a great fight in my cell because I was so lonely. One day the waiting was over and I was let go to freedom. I have connected immediately with Brigitte and Wernerand from what I hear, Brigitte likes me a lot and already said that I don't have to go to the animal pound later. Of course I don't know what an animal pound is, but for sure it's nothing good, and I like it a lot here. The dishes are always full of food and I even have a bed to sleep in!

After some time at the shelter I got bored and decided to take my life in my own paws again and ran away.

While I was living at the shelter, Brigitte and Michael from Krefeld in Germany were looking after me. Thank you very much.

LENNI (male)


The manager of the Pinnacle Grand in Jomptien Falk Wetschat wanted to euthanize us, because Juana gave us some food. Please watch the homepage at “infos and new” and take part on the protest campaign against the German manager Falk Wetschat! He wrote a letter to Juana, that he will euthanize all dogs, which will be fed by the tourists of the Pinnacle Grand. Thailand is a Buddhist country in which dogs are not euthanized as long as they can eat. No vet would do that. Does he “euthanize” the dogs by himself? What does „euthanize“ mean for him? The protest worked. The manager of the Pinnacle was moved to Koh Samui. Manita, who was the manager before, was moved to Bangkok. Manita always poisoned some dogs, but nobody could verify it. Mr Wetschat changed his mind to the dogs on Koh Samui and is now providing us. I believe him and I think, that animal lovers can have their vacation at the Pinnacle again. Juana brought me and RUDI from Jomtien (next to Pattaja) to Koh Samui.

Meanwhile I found a new home in Holland.

CHAWBACCA (female)


Andrea from Munich in Germany is now looking after me. Thank you very much!

Text will follow soon


Don (when he first arrived)

DON (male)


I came to the shelter in such a bad condition that no one expected me to survive. I was given infusion after infusion and I lived in a basket in the kitchen. I couldn't move from there because I was so weak. I started to get stronger but I pretended I was still ill because I liked to stay in the house with all the other dogs and cats. Eventually Brigitte clocked me as she caught me running about the garden playing with Fanta and Husky - what sport it was to chase the stupid cats who rule the house. As a result, I was sent to the big shelter for castration and Janine cuddles (her special method of caring for dogs). When my hair grew back, Brigitte didn't recognize me and so we had a special party just to celebrate me and my new hair.

Great News! I have found a new home here on the island!

Peter from Brussels in Belgium was looking after me during my time at the Shelter. Thank you very much!

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